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Charismatic Leadership

Jacqueline Bennett
Leadership Strategies for a Changing World

May 26, 2015

Dr. Matt Keogh


Leadership can be defined as a process of guiding individuals, groups, or an organization to develop common goals and to create procedures to achieve the goals. A leader is a strong individual who can lead a group of people by their own strengths and also allow them to fine tune their opportunities, all without them knowing they are being lead. A leader is chosen either by promotion; by proving their talent is more measurable than their peers or with their exhibit of special leadership traits. There are many ways to define a leader, but in this paper, one will try to define and clarify charismatic leadership.

Charismatic Leadership
A charismatic leader is defined as an individual who is a very skilled communicator that has the ability to communicate to others on a deep, emotional level. This type of leader is able to articulate a compelling or captivating vision and is able to arouse strong emotions in others (Riggio, 2012). In an organization, a charismatic leader can “manipulate’ their team with their ability to collect individuals with like traits and goals that foster extraordinary performance metrics. Charismatics leaders gathers team support due to their personality and charm of how people follow them and traits in their leadership style. This type of leader is consistently able to help the organization achieve a strong loyalty, respect, and sense if determination from employees. By communicating an optimistic vision for the future of the organization, a charismatic leader inspires employees to work hard to create that future. Charismatic leaders are considered to be self-confident, goal oriented, positive thinkers, great communicators, and fun loving (Muston, 2014).

Analysis of Charismatic Leadership
Charismatic leaders results are proven in the team building of the group and the positive results of such energetic group. When thinking of how to developed my charismatic leadership, I would have to pay attention to my body language, due to feedback from my peers and employees, They feel I am a born leader, but its when they se me “stressed” that they feel things at work fall apart due to no one wanting to disturb me in my office or on the floor when I am observing employees. I will continue to be that leader that makes the right decision for the graters good of the organization, by being heroic and inspiring through my organizational power.

Being a Charismatic leader, I feel that I have the ability to make someone feel strong in their career and personal goals, I find myself showing employees that I do care about their being in and out of the office. I stay open to all calls not matter what time of day. These traits to me are what make me a charismatic leader, I possess this awareness, which allows me to stay cool under pressure and calm others in tense situations. I am observant which allows me to be able to understand other's perspectives, wants, and needs. With continued development and enhancement of these traits and behaviors, I will become a more charismatic leader.

Becoming a Charismatic leader is a lifestyle and not something one learns, so it is adamant that one sets goals in all areas of their life. The areas should cover, work, personal, health and financial matters. Delineating goals in these areas stipulates direction and growth in ones life and should be done on a regular basis to make the most of each day and work. They help you stay focuses on your life’s goals and how to inspire people around you to be and do better. One could use positive affirmation, praise and energizing environments to become charismatic.

Successful leaders don’t start out asking, “What do I want to do?” They ask, “What needs to be done?” Then they ask, “Of those things that would make a...
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