Week 6 Final Recruitment Strategies

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Recruitment and Selection Strategies
This paper will outline suggestions on recruitment and selection strategies for Jason Galvan, HR Representative from Bollman Hotels International as he expands his business from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Las Vegas, Nevada. They have approximately 25,000 employees across multiple departments and are looking to expand by another 20% companywide as they move to their new location. “Recruitment is a form of business contest and it is fiercely competitive. Just as corporations strategize to develop, manufacture, and market the best product or service, so they must also vie to identify, attract, and hire the most qualified people. Recruitment is a business, and it is big business. It demands serious attention from management because any business strategy will falter without the talent to execute it” (Cascio, 2015). For each position being hired for, there must be a specification for the exact work that will need to be done, as well as the personal qualities a person must possess to be successful in that position. When recruiting for the Las Vegas hotel location we need to be aware of the large tourist based industry that attracts millions of visitors to Las Vegas every year from all over our nation and from countries all over the world. “Service employees need to be able to “read” their customers—to understand them, to anticipate and monitor their needs and expectations, and to respond sensitively and appropriately to those needs and expectations. In the service game, “customer literacy” is an essential skill” (Cascio, 2015). Our global business strategy should be that of recruiting a diverse workforce that can be appreciated by foreign customers with employees that not only speak many different languages but have heritage in cultures from all over the world. “By being diverse as a workforce, we become multicultural in our ideology and business practices so we grow from within. As a global company, we need to demonstrate there is no stereotypical American workforce” (Phoenix, 2014). This type of recruiting policy is pure diversity-based recruitment which does not discriminate during the recruiting process however promotions within the company should be given to the best qualified individuals despite sex or race. Based on our research of other similar hotel chains in the market we recommend that all recruiting be done internally and that a website be built specifically to advertise open positions and careers, to attract skilled and experienced career oriented employees, and to allow for these candidates to apply directly thru our website so as to maintain records on all applicants in-house. With the help of social media this can be accomplished fairly quickly and effectively. “Social media includes at least four major types: (1) social-networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and chat rooms; (2) blogs and microblogs, such as Twitter; (3) virtual worlds, such as Second Life; and (4) video-sharing Web sites, such as You- Tube. Facebook counts more than 800 million active users. Twitter, created in 2006, has more than 200 million registered users. Recruiters are using it to announce employment opportunities; job seekers can subscribe to their Twitter feeds to be notified when positions are available. At LinkedIn, more than 60 million members have logged on to create profiles, upload their employment histories, and build connections with people they know. Recruiters use personal and corporate pages on Facebook and LinkedIn to announce openings and to network with prospective clients” (Cascio, 2015). In order to drive traffic to the careers section on our site, it is our further recommendation to take advantage of job sites such as these; ziprecruiter.com, linkedin.com, indeed.com, moster.com, and glassdoor.com for starters. It will also be a good idea to take advantage of social media as described above to get our loyal customers, friends and families, to help spread the...

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