HRM Lecture 6

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Chapter 6

Employee Testing
and Selection

Part Two | Recruitment and Placement
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PowerPoint Presentation by Charlie Cook
The University of West Alabama

“Selecting qualified
employees is like
putting money in the
John Boudreau

• The process of choosing individuals who have relevant
qualifications to fill jobs in an organization.
• Selecting the appropriate set of knowledge, skills, and
abilities (KSAs)—which come packaged in a human
being—is an attempt to get a “fit” between what the
applicant can and wants to do, and what the organization
• Fit between the applicant and the organization affects
both the employer’s willingness to make a job offer and
an applicant’s willingness to accept a job.
• Fitting a person to the right job is called placement.

• Placement of human resources should be seen as a
matching process.
• How well an employee is matched to a job affects the amount and quality of the employee’s work.
• This matching also directly affects training and operating costs.
• Estimates are that hiring an inappropriate employee costs an employer three to five times that employee’s salary before it is resolved.
• Productivity improvement for an employer may come from
changes in incentive pay plans, improved training, or better job design; but unless the employer has the necessary
people with the appropriate KSAs in place, those changes
may not have much impact.
• The very best training will not enable someone with little aptitude for a certain job to do that job well and enjoy it. • The best perspective on selection and placement comes
from two traditional HR truisms that clearly identify the
importance of effective employment selection.

Why Careful Selection is Important
The Importance of
Selecting the Right

Costs of recruiting
and hiring

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Legal obligations
and liability


1. “Good training will not make up for bad
• The implication here is that when the right people
with the appropriate KSAs are not selected for
jobs, it is very difficult for the employer to recover
later by somehow trying to train those individuals
without the proper aptitude, interests, or other
KSA deficiencies.
2. “If you don’t hire the right one, your competitor
• There is an opportunity cost in failure to select
the right employee, and that cost is that the “right
one” went somewhere else.

The Nature of Selection
• Already having the needed knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) may be very important for a new employee to do
a job well.
• For certain jobs it may be good selection strategy to
deemphasize the precise matching of applicants’ specific
KSAs to a job and focus on more general predictors of
• if an employer hires at the entry level and promotes from within for most jobs, specific KSAs might be less
important than general ability to learn and
• Ability to learn allows a person to grasp new information and make good decisions based on that job knowledge
• Whether an employer uses specific KSAs or the more
general approach, effective selection of employees
involves using criteria and predictors of job performance.

Criteria, Predictors, and Job
• At the heart of an effective selection system is knowledge of: •

- what constitutes appropriate job performance
- what characteristics in employees are associated with that performance.
Once the definition of employee success (performance) is known, the employee specifications required to achieve that success can be determined.
A selection criterion is a characteristic that a person must have to do the job successfully.
A certain preexisting ability is often a selection criterion. To predict whether a selection...
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