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Hotel Chains

Choice Hotels Justin Sinko Kaplan University The purpose of this report is to analyze the four components of the marketing mix of the Comfort Suites brand. The report will go into detail about the marketing mix of the brand and how it stands in today’s market. Comfort Suites is part of the parenting group called choice hotels international. Comfort Suites is a limited service hotel that offers rooms to families and business travelers. They offer the following amenities to the...

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Hotel Chains

indicate how well the company is performing to the external factors. (Hunger. D, 2000) The NH hotels has to deal with external factors as well, therefore, below an EFAS analysis is made: External factors | Weight | Rating | Weighted score | Comments | Opportunities | | | | | * Expansion of their activities | 0.25 | 4.5 | 1.1 | Nowadays, South Africa is getting more important for NH Hotels and plays a meaningful role. Mainly because of the black empowerment process to ensure sustainable...

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Hong Kong Peninsula’s OLI study of Qatar market

famous hotel chain under a big company which means it has enough capital and tangible resource to support the cost of enter foreign market. Also, the sustainable investment maybe in needed so capital is a big factor of entering new market and Peninsula can gain more competitive advantage by enough capital. This advantage can support Peninsula using acquisition as the entry method to enter Qatar market. Moreover, Peninsula has very good reputation on its service but it only has nine hotels operating...

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Segmentation and Target Market

Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The company boasts of revenues of nearly $13 billion in the fiscal year 2013 and is expanding globally. This paper specifically discusses the market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies of Marriott – Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Courtyard by Marriott in the Asia-Pacific marketplace. Asia-Pacific is expanding exponentially for the hospitality industry and Marriott has bright prospects in this region. China has proved this in the past 30 years by being a prime...

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F&B Concepts Nh

F&B at NH Hotels Together with well-known chefs Ferrán Adrià and Paco Roncero NH developed new innovative F&B concepts such as nhube, Fast Good and Estado Puro. Nhube: This new space, which acts as a restaurant and reading room, living room and a bar-cafeteria at the same time, is perceived to act as a multifunctional space destined to please both business clients as well as infrequent visiting clients not staying in the hotel. In this modern and flexible atmosphere, with varying lighting...

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Club Med Case Analysis

own set of marketing and distribution strategies. Club Med developed competitive advantages due to its uniqueness and novelty, it differs significantly from conventional hotel chains. Firstly, the Club made a profit of $3million each year merely from customers’ prepaid travel deposits. Secondly, unlike the traditional hotels, the Club arranges roommates to those who travel alone. As a result, accommodation availability is counted as the amount of beds not the number of rooms. Moreover, Club Med...

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Mariot Market Segmentation and Targeting

meeting rooms, athletic facilities, and other upscale amenities. But Marriott added seven additional brands according to its view on market segments — Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield Inn, Residence Inn, TownePlace Suites, SpringHill Suites, Renaissance Hotels and Resorts, and The Ritz-Carlton. These are they core brands that were established for serving customer needs at different market segments. 2. Relate examples of specific services tailored to various target markets. As we pointed out different...

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Best Western Plus Antel Hotel Vs Holiday Inn Best Western Plus Antel Hotel has a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool. Complimentary wireless Internet access is available in public areas. Business amenities at this 3-star property include a business center, a meeting/conference room, and limo/town car service. This family-friendly hotel offers a poolside bar. The staff can provide concierge services, wedding services, and event catering. Additional amenities include a children's...

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Accor Case Study - Segmentation

within the travel and tourism industry are generally differentiated or concentrated. “Companies pursuing a concentrated STP strategy (such as the Four Seasons Hotels and Crystal Cruises) target one or two segments by offering a singe brand offering. On the Other hand, companies pursuing a differentiated STP marketing strategy (such as Choice Hotels and the Carnival Corporation target multiple segments with a different brand for each segment.”CHR Report page 7. Case Study: Accor SA Background Information ...

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business enterprises, schools, hospitals, government and non government services. However, some of them are still using manual system. In this regard, we acknowledge the value of computerized system. As of today’s generation, there are already many hotel existing. One of which is D’ Budgetel that serves private rooms and dormitory type. It is located at Corrales Extension, Cagayan de Oro City and is owned by Monte Carlo Realty and Development Corporation. D’ Budgetel started the operation of their...

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Hotel Chains and Marriott International

strategies of the company with the following brands: Marriott Hotels & Resorts and Courtyard by Marriott in the same marketplace, Asia-Pacific. As the fast expansion in economy of Asia-Pacific, the hospitality industry has a bright perspective in this region. Especially in China, the hospitality industry during the past 30 years is a prime example of how the nation’s economy has also sharply developed. In recent years many big hotel chains became aware that seizing the market in Asia-Pacific is pretty...

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Hotel Industry in India

in the Hotel Industry The Indian Hotels Company The Indian Hotels Company and its subsidiaries are collectively known as Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, recognised as one of Asia's largest and finest hotel company. Incorporated by the founder of the Tata Group, Jamsetji N Tata, the company opened its first property, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Bombay, in 1903. The Taj, a symbol of Indian hospitality, completed its centenary year in 2003. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces comprises 59 hotels at 40 locations...

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Development of Budget Hotels

At first glance, the budget hotel sector1 looks promising over the long term. It offers a reliable value proposition: a clean, dependable, inexpensive place to stay for business people and tourists. These hotels offer better facilities than most one to two star hotels or guesthouses in many cities and districts where previously the economy hotel experience could best be described as uncomfortable ­­ –­­­all at a similar price level. There is also the potential...

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Indian Hotel Industry Overview & Opportunities • Ask a question Raise your hand Type question Australia Unlimited Contents • • • • • • • • • • Key facts Advantage India Market overview Emerging Trends Investments Key initiatives Opportunities About HICSA 2011 Hotel development mission AUSTRADE INDIA – Travel and Tourism KEY FACTS AT A GLANCE • Contribution of travel and tourism to GDP expected to rise from AUD 120 bn in year 2010 to AUD 350 bn by year 2020 • Average growth...

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Hilton Hotel Differentiation

Hilton Hotels: Brand Differentiation through Customer Relationship Management Background Hilton Hotels is one of the biggest players in the US lodging industry. It contributes to about 9% of the total rooms in US lodging market. It has presence in over 78 countries with more than 2500 hotels. Lodging industry is highly capital intensive industry, so to reduce capital expenditure Hilton Hotels opted for self-owned Hotels as well as franchising model with the real estate owners. One of the key features...

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Hotel Industry with Case Studies

The Hotel Industry Overview The hospitality industry covers a diverse range of establishments providing hospitality services in the form of accommodation, meals and drinks. A large proportion of people working in the hospitality industry are employed part-time and this is an increasing trend. It is estimated that by the year 2007 about 55% of the people employed in the hospitality industry could be working full-time and 55% part-time. This reflects the realities of the industry, where there is...

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Report Based on Holiday Inn Hotel

Report Introduction To show our report we have used a SWOT analysis based on presentation of Holiday Inn Hotel situated in South Luton.Holiday Inn is a brand name applied to hotels within the InterContinental Hotels Group(IHG). The original Holiday Inn chain of hotels was founded in 1952 in Memphis, Tennessee by homebuilder Kemmons Wilson to provide inexpensive family accommodation for travelers within the USA.( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HolidayJnn) Holiday Inn have provided services...

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Evolving Technologies to Drive Competitive Advatage in Hotel Industry

companies, travel agents, hotel distribution companies, hotel chains, airport transfer and car hire companies are grappling with how to bring convergence between their brick and mortar and the emerging technologies that are multiplying and growing as if they are coming from an assembly / production line. The debate over "high-tech" or "high-touch" is largely a thing of the past in the hospitality industry as emerging technologies drive unprecedented change in the way hotels operate and serve customers...

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Rosewood Hotels

SUMMARY Rosewood Hotels & Resorts (Rosewood), known for managing distinctive luxury hotels is considering a new brand strategy. Rosewood’s concept for each property has always been “Sense of Place”, emphasizing the individual character of each property. In an effort to increase multi-property guest across its 12 hotels worldwide, a new corporate branding strategy is being considered. The new strategy should also not undercut the distinctiveness of each individually branded hotel. In the analysis...

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Hilton Hotel

------------------------------------------------- Property Operations To keep their hotels running smoothly, Hilton Supply Management teams up with suppliers offering products and services related to a property’s infrastructure. Specific areas include maintenance, repair and operating supplies (MRO), administrative office equipment, laundry/dishwashing equipment and chemicals, printing and promotional items, pest control services, office equipment and supplies, hotel utilities, and other related products and services. ------------------------------------------------- ...

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Ibis Hotels Business Report

IBIS – Hotel Report Ibis, the popular economy hotel chain, opened its first hotel in 1974, in the French town of Bordeaux. Since then, the company has expanded globally, reaching 40 countries worldwide, opening over 800 hotels. The majority of chains have been established in France, while the UK hosts over 50 chains, with further four hotel openings expected in December 2009. Recently, the chain has introduced a strategy to “promote the chain’s drive for ‘greater and greener customer comfort’”...

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Hotel Security

 Monique Chenard Hotel Security Kathyrn Adiar Course # HM/486 The hotel industry known for its promise of a great stay and exceptional service but recently many hotels now have to promise safety and security for its guests. After past events, which include the attacks on September 11 and the most recent attack on hotels the Mumbai attacks, many hotels are looking for new and improved ways to help keep their employees and guests safe. Many hotels are now implementing a new system of...

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Century Hotel

Introduction Company Background Century Park Hotel Manila is a premier business hotel in Manila located only 7 kilometers away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The close proximity also makes it as an ideal airport hotel for the busy executives. Century Park Hotel Manila consists of two buildings. The Century Tower is a 19-storey structure that comprises most of the hotel rooms while the Park Tower is a 6-storey-all-suite component of the hotel equipped with kitchenette. A combination of...

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Small Local Hotel

people like staying in internationally-recognized hotels, while others prefer to stay in small local hotels. Compare and contrast these two chives. There are many people choose to go outside for having a travel to relax themselves. The problem they should face is accommodation. There is having two choices for them. One of that is internationally-recognized hotel and the hotel environment is global chain. Other is small local hotel and this hotel with local characteristics. Both of them have different...

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Good Hotel (Case 25)

Good Hotel Analysis What is the stand out economic characteristics of the macro environment of the US hotel lodging industry? There are 12 leading hotel chains which have various branches within those chains. Each accommodate different numbers of guests and different types of guests. Before 2008 there had been massive expansion in preparation for a large upturn in the industry however when the expansions were finished the market was in withdrawal leading to the largest downturn...

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Hotel According to Portler Five Model

existing competitors. In 2001 Porter considered these factors in light of the internet technologies. The influence of the internet has been profound especially in the hotel industry. According to Porter each factor has a different relevance or impact on different businesses so they are presented below in order of impact for hotels. Porter indicates that the great paradox of the internet is that the benefits it creates such as making information easily available, reducing purchasing hassles, and marketing...

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Shangri-La Hotel Stp

situation and history of a international hotel from China, Shangri-la hotel, which is one of the best and luxury hotel in Asia. Merely mention how the whole hotel market environment influence Shangri-la hotel. How do they compete with their major competitors? How do they segment their market and what is their target market how do they form their strategies by these major market to help customers to distinguish the major differences between their hotel and other hotels. These information will be mentioned...

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MAJESTICA HOTEL IN SHANGHAI Majestica, a luxury hotel management service business began in 1970 in Western Europe. Majestica gradually expand to United Kingdom, United States, North America, Asia and so on. After a gradual expansion in Asia, Majestica become the world's largest operators of luxury hotel and resort. Majestica earn by hotel ownership operation and hotel management but last five years they are concerning to managing hotel. All over the world, owner and developer of luxury hotels are attracted...

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Hyatt Hotels Marketing Strategies

Pritzker in 1957. The first hotel purchased was located in Los Angeles, California. Hyatt is a management company that runs the operations of each hotel even though most of the Hyatt hotel properties are privately owned. They currently have two hundred sixteen hotels around the world and recently purchased one hundred forty three AmeriSuite hotels which were renovated and are being operated under their new name, Hyatt Place. Hyatt is known for specializing in luxury hotels that also provide meeting...

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Hotel Management System

getting the information about the hotels that suit your budget and then getting bookings done. Online Hotel Reservations are becoming popular method for booking hotel rooms. Travelers can book rooms from home via their home computer by using online security to protect their privacy and financial information and by using several online travel agents to compare prices and facilities at different hotels. Prior to the internet, travelers could write, telephone the hotel directly or use a travel agent...

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Hilton Hotel

”1 This is the stated philosophy of the luxury hotel company that Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels, used to extend his desire for his company to offer customers a kind, hospitable, and luxury setting. Conrad started the hotel chain by purchasing a single 40- room hotel from Cisco, Texas in 1919. Since then the corporation has grown into more than 2,800 hotels and 490,000 rooms in more than 80 countries as of 2006. Hilton Hotels Corporation headcourters are located in Beverly Hills...

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Mandarin Hotel

Mandarin Oriental Manila Mandarin Oriental Manila, one of the prestigious hotels in the Philippines. It is well known as the best business hotel because of its exceptional service in the centre of the city. It is conveniently placed in the Financial Capital of the Philippines, along Makati Avenue, Makati City. It is owned by an international hotel investment and management group with deluxe and first class hotels, resorts and residences in sought-after destinations around the world, the Jardines...

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The Hotel Organisational Structure

HKUSPACE Introduction to Front Office Operations (Directed Study) The Hotel Organisational Structure Hotels employ a vast number of persons with variety of skills. The larger the hotel, the more specialised the tasks. Large hotels have bigger resident populations and provide more services than do many small towns. Hotel organisations follow the pattern of other business institutions. They break up the work force into separate departments, with each department entrusted with a share of the...

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Forecasting for Radisson Hotels

Radisson Hotel brand. Radisson is known as one of the most successful hotel brands worldwide. Radisson has created very successful marketing strategy. The paper will then focus on how Radisson, one of the largest hotel chains, uses demand forecasting under conditions of uncertainty, most specifically those relating to the pattern and rate at which customers demand products. Forecasting in Radisson: Forecasting future hotel guest arrivals and occupancy rates is a key aspect of hotel revenue management...

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Value Chain

1.0 Export Container Loading Procedure The value chain is a business analysis that examines the development of competitive advantage. It contains a series of activities that create and build value in the business. Based on Value Chain analysis, managers can identify what activities would add value to the business and what activities are not efficient and effective, so that the company can improve those inefficient activities by investing integrated communication technologies. According to Michael...

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The International Hotel

------------------------------------------------- Brief Description of the Organisation – The International Hotel Group The International Hotel Group The International Hotel Group started business with two small boutique style hotels in Melbourne, Australia. Over a period of 15 years it has grown to now comprise a chain of 20 hotels across 5 different countries in the Australasian region. This growth was a result of an acquisition of a small hotel chain and establishment of some new properties, mainly in Australia. The group...

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hotel management

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hotel industry is an essential part of tourism of india. The expansion of tourism is well inevitable bringing out development of the hotel industry. Hotel industry is so closely linked with the tourism industry that it is responsible for about 50% of the foreign exchange earnings from tourism trade and enterprises. Background to International Hotel Industry (and tourism) The four major BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) continue to be targeted for hotel chain expansion...

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Shangri-La Hotel

Group in Malaysia. The story of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts began in 1971 when a deluxe hotel was founded in the city of Singapore. Today, Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is the largest Asian-based deluxe hotel group in the region. And it is regarded as one of the world's finest hotel management companies, garnering international awards and recognition from prestigious publications and industry partners. Their chain comprises 49 deluxe hotels and resorts in key cities of Asia and the...

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Hotel Intern Report

First 400-Hour Report This report views the my first experience and evaluation as a front office intern at Traders Hotel Yangon which is a chain hotel of Shangri- La resorts and hotels. As a front office intern, I have to rotate among 7 departments of the front office including the operator department, business center, Traders Club Lounge department, Mini Mart, Concierge, Reception and finally Guest Relation Officer Department. My internship period was 2 months so I was assigned at one department...

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Strategic Plan of Shangri-La Hotel

Describe mission statement, strategic goals and corporate strategies for a hotel 4 3.1 Mission Statement 4 3.2 Strategic Goals 6 3.3 Corporate Strategies 7 3.3.1 Shangri-La Care 1: Shangri-La Hospitality from Caring People 9 3.3.2 Shangri-La Care 2: Delighting Customers 9 3.3.3 Shangri-La Care 3: Recover to Gain Loyalty 9 3.3.4 Shangri-La Care 4: Take Ownership 10 4.0 SWOT chart for the Shangri-La Hotel 11 5.0 Conclusion 14 6.0 Reference 15 1.0 Introduction Our group...

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Introduction to Online Hotel Reservation System

Chapter 1 Project Overview Background of the Study A hotel is an establishment that accommodates people. The hotel can also be a place where tourist can stay for a limited time. We cannot deny that we are now in much more technologically improvement and especially for business, shifting from manual process to automation and computerize (Fhatima A., 2012).  The cost and quality of hotels are usually indicative of the range and type of services available. Due to the enormous increase in...

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Rosewood Hotels

RoseWood Hotels & Resorts RoseWood Hotels & Resorts: Branding to increase customer profitability and lifetime value. Rosewood Hotels& Resorts(Rosewood) , a private hotel management company started in 1979, that built a global reputation with iconic luxury hotels such as The Mansion and The Carlyle, became well known for its ability to enhance a property’s value by creating unique, one-of-a-kind properties with a small ultra-luxury residential style. But amidst this, the brand ROSEWOOD...

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Case Study 1 Avari Hotel

 NAME: KRISTIJAN MITIC ID: 10058 TITLE: AVARI RAMADA HOTEL: PRICING HOTEL ROOMS COURSE: PRICING POLICY INSTRUCTOR: IRENA NIKOLOVSKA DUE DATE: 22 DECEMBER 2014 Avari Ramada Hotel: Pricing Hotel Rooms BACKGROUND Five-star hotel affiliated with the Ramada Renaissance hotel chain. Located in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab province in Pakistan. Established in 1978 by Byram Avari as part of the Hilton hotel chain. Independently operating since 1987. ROOM RATES AND PRICING POLICY...

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Hotel Immersion

Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila is a 5 star, deluxe landmark hotel overlooking Manila Bay which is situated at the Malate district on the corner of Pedro Gil, M.H. del Pilar and Mabini Streets. This mixed-use complex occupies 94,000 sq m and includes a hotel, a casino and residences. Situated in a 32-storey tower with a nine-storey podium, the hotel houses 378 stylish guestrooms, including 113 executive floor rooms, 61 suites and five Presidential Suites; three innovative restaurants and bar; and three...

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Blueprint of Hotels in Bangalore and Their Marketing Mix


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Food and Beverage in Hotels: a Recipie for Success?

FOOD AND BEVERAGE IN HOTELS: A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS? It is a very well established fact that independent, freestanding Food and Beverage outlets are more successful than their hotel equivalents. There has always been a lot of scrutiny into the monetary role that Food and beverage operations play within hotels and if they are a venture that will compromise the total profitability of the establishment. Hotels, right until the 1950’s predominantly generated its revenue from room sales. This all changed...

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Marketing Strategies for Travelodge

first budget hotel brand to launch in the UK in 1985 and now operates 380 hotels (over 26,000 rooms) - in Ireland, Spain and the UK. Travelodge is growing rapidly with plans to operate 70,000 rooms (approximately 1000 hotels) by 2020 and aims to be the biggest hotel operator in London by the 2012 Olympics. Six and a half million people stayed with Travelodge last year and 87% of reservations are currently made online at travelodge.co.uk, where room prices start from £19 per night. The chain employs 5...

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Case Analysis: "Customer-Driven Learning at Radisson Hotels Worldwide"

"Customer-Driven Learning at Radisson Hotels Worldwide" the background, growth, and service guarantees of the Radisson Hotel chain is discussed. Radisson Hotels was founded in 1938 by Curtis L Carlson of Carlson Companies Inc. The company's headquarters were located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was divided into four operating groups - Carlson Hospitality Worldwide, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Carlson Marketing Group, and Carlson Leisure Group. In 1975 Radisson only had ten hotels but quickly grew to three hundred...

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Starwood Hotels

Starwood Hotels Introduction The Starwood hotel and resorts company is one of the largest and well-established companies in the world. Nine different hotel brands are owned, franchised or managed by the Starwood Company. According to their webpage, Starwood employed about 145.000 people in 2006. Furthermore, they made a total revenue of 5,979 billion US dollars. (Starwoodhotels, n. d.) Because of its diversity and values as well as its constant modulation, Starwood is successful today and will...

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Analysis of Uk Hotel Industry

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: A CASE STUDY OF THE UK HOTEL INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION The hotel industry, (despite its importance to the UK economy) has not received the attention that it deserves from the central government at Downing Street. A report by the British Hospitality Association in 2010 showed that it has grown over the years to contribute 45 billion pounds to the UK economy. The hotel industry also employs about 3.64 million people both directly and indirectly making it the fifth largest industry...

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Nh Employee Motivation

motivation techniques implemented by the NH hotels chain as it is a business that is continuously expanding in more than 23 countries with 22, 000 employees and with the intention of generating 8,000 jobs by 2009 (Cited on: Todos los empleados, 2008). Having people from different nationalities and cultures working for the same purpose of satisfying each guest is not an easy task as not all employees find themselves fully motivated to work as the hotel will expect, for that reason, different reasons...

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Hilton Hotels Corporation Marketing Analysis

other gambling casinos, and how to make Hilton a resort destination. Two-thirds of Hilton's total operating earnings in the early 1990's were derived from the four casinos they owned in Las Vegas, Nevada. Expanding on this idea will ensure the hotel chain firmly plants its feet in the entertainment and resort business (Hilton Case Study). By investing massive amounts of revenue into developing their gaming division, the Hilton will become a destination resort that would encompass of all the guest's...

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Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels founded in 1919 by Conrad Hilton. Hilton bought his first hotel, the Mobley Hotel, in 1919 in Cisco, Texas. The first hotel to bear the Hilton name was the Dallas Hilton, a high-rise that opened in Dallas, Texas in 1925. In 1949, at the Caribe Hilton Hotel's Beachcomber Bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ramon "Monchito" Marrero created the Piña Colada. In 1954, Hilton hotels bought the Statler Hotel chain, making it the largest hospitality company in the world. Hilton Hotels Corporation...

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Rational Organisation

features of rational organisation and what are its strengths and weaknesses? To what extent would you recommend rational organisation design as the way forward for junction hotel? This essay will take an in depth analysis of the rational organisation design and evaluate the affects that it will implement on Junction Hotel, if they decide to run their organisation according to the rational theory. This will entail a detailed look into theorists such as Frederick Taylor who supported the rational...

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Management Contract

19. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of management contract to both the hotel owner and the management company? The advantage of the management contract is: The management contract incurs minimum risk to the company as compared to sole ownership and joint-venture development since the management company has little or minimal equity invested in the hotel. The hotel management company only assigns a group of professional managers to operate the property for the owner. If political crisis...

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Hotel Industry Analysis

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS (HOTEL INDUSTRY) [pic] [pic] [pic] By Donnabelle Pineda and Marge Javillonar Managerial Accounting ADB-MBA Program, Batch 10 Submitted to: Prof. Ricardo Palo Date: 4 August 2010 I. Hospitality Industry The hospitality industry is a trillion dollar service sector within the global economy. The industry covers a broad variety of service industries including, but not limited to, hotels, food service, casinos, and tourism. This...

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Week 6 Final Recruitment Strategies

 Recruitment and Selection Strategies This paper will outline suggestions on recruitment and selection strategies for Jason Galvan, HR Representative from Bollman Hotels International as he expands his business from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Las Vegas, Nevada. They have approximately 25,000 employees across multiple departments and are looking to expand by another 20% companywide as they move to their new location. “Recruitment is a form of business contest and it is fiercely competitive. Just...

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HOSP 310 Week 5 Internet Exercises

Week 5 internet Exercises Chapter 11: Exercise #1 a) One of the trends that are occurring in the hotel industry is the increase in construction in certain pipelines and areas. The Spanish influenced countries of Latin America and South America are seeing the largest increase. The increased interest in the Hispanic culture by society is driving many consumers to want to escape to the sandy beaches and the tropical oasis. The other trend is the decrease in the African and the Middle Eastern Pipelines...

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Staff Turnover in Hotel Industry

Resort & Spa, Goa, India is a five star leisure hotel which attracts clients from all over the world. This hotel has many departments, but the crucial ones are food & beverage service (waiting), food & beverage production (kitchen), housekeeping (cleaning & maintenance) and front office (receptionist).From which there is a lot of staff movement particularly in the service department of the hotel, every two to three month there are staff leaving the hotel and at the same time there are recruitments taking...

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hotel and restaurant

Hotel and Restaurant Research Strategy Restaurant strategies to attract customers Impact of incentives to employees Effective Customer care Hotel guest satisfaction Factors to develop tourism in your place Problems that occur in hotel and restaurant Hospitality Generally, hospitality refers to jobs in the hospitality industry, such as hotels, restaurants, catering, resorts and casinos as well as other hospitality positions that deal with tourists. Hospitality involves the relationship...

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