Week 2 Individual Assignment

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Week 2 Individual Assignment
Brian Blackwell
December 17, 2012
Kerry Jones

Week 2 Individual Assignment
Chapter 5 Discussion Questions 2 and 3.

Question 2: Define the distinctions between primary, secondary, and tertiary sources in a secondary search. Primary sources are data that has not been interpreted and are the original research performed. These sources are from the source of the information. The data given from a primary source has not been translated into information by another person. Primary sources are the source of the data given. Many books of law are primary sources. A court transcript would be a primary source for an appealed case. Jane Goodall would be a primary source about chimpanzees because of here extensive first-hand research. Secondary sources have been interpreted from primary data. This textbook is an example of a secondary source because the authors gathered the information from many primary sources. They translated that data too this secondary source. Almost all research found falls into secondary sources category. Most information on the Internet has been translated from a primary source. Tertiary sources take secondary sources and interpret them. These can be guide books, timelines, and almanacs. They have condensed primary and secondary sources to create an index. Bibliographies are also an example of a tertiary source. Question 3: What problems of secondary data quality must researchers face? How can they deal with them? There are five problems of secondary data quality: Purpose, scope, authority, audience, and format. When evaluating purpose of a secondary source a research must discover why this data exist. The researcher must also evaluate if the research is relevant to his or her research. When deciding if the information meets the purpose it is trying to achieve. The research must also determine if it is biased in the way it is presented. Authority of research tells the...

References: All answers were found in the same reference.
Cooper, D. R., & Schindler, P. S. (2011). Business Research Methods (11th ed.). New York,
New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.
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