Primary Source and Public Records

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5. B and C have problems because they are too vague. How is one supposed to determine the difference between good and fair or good, fair and average? To me, fair and average mean the same thing so trying to distinguish between them could create confusion. A and D are better because they are more clear cut.

Purpose- This determine management decision making value because the purpose of a secondary source determines it prospective. A secondary source that gives objective data is probably of more value in the decision making process than one that simply gives an opion.

Scope- Helps you to determine how current and accurate the information is, Therefore the information’s that is more current should be weighted heavier in decision making than older information. This

Authority – Information that is publishing by a recognized authority should carry more weight in decision making than one that is not.

Audience- Things that are written in detail to the audience similar to the company’s area are probably in more value than the one that were written for another area of interest.

Format- Cites that is well format is easier to use than one that is not.

Primary- primary sources are raw data without interpretation.

Secondary- is interpretations of primary sources or primary source data.

Tertiary- is interpretation of secondary sources.

What problems of secondary data research quality must researchers face? The problem of secondary data quality that a researcher must face is verifying and determining the value of the secondary sources the researcher would like to use (Cooper & Schindler, 2006). How can they deal with them? Researchers who use secondary sources must make their best efforts to verify the accuracy of the information. Determining whether the information can be duplicated from other sources if it can be, the information is probably accurate.

1.Identify the various constructs and concepts involved in the study. The study...
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