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Chapter 1

In today’s trends, technology is now in the pick of its advancement. From the usual uses of paper and manual procedures in writing a document that may cause data lost data redundancy, time consuming and unsecure. Automation and Computer effectively facilitate the operation to make the process easier, accurate sufficient and less time consuming.

Automatic procedures control the operation involving a sequence of complex standardized repetitive process on a large scale. Nowadays some of company use (WEB- Based) network-based technology as a part of their technological system to be more effective in terms.

The proposed system use is website and reservation system for Sideout Outdoor. This is for the company procedures to be more flexible and easy, in terms of reserving products to the company. It has the feature of private messaging that the customer will communicate easily with the administrator if they are online.

The Sideout Outdoor will help the clients to perform convenient and fastest way of dealing transactions it will help to keep the client information secure on the site. Client can access the website anywhere even without visiting the shop but they still can shop through using the website and it really help to save time and no hassle.

Company Profile

Side out Outdoor, a Patty Enterprise brand, is an outdoor lifestyle company. Side out is one of the first, authentic and best suppliers of mountaineering equipment in the Philippines. With 15 years in the outdoor industry, Side out has achieved excellent quality to their equipment with affordable prices. Side out has 55 talented man powers and counting. For just as long talented individuals have turned to Side out Outdoor to inquire about joining our team as employees, we will continue welcoming them. Our success with our 12 Outlets and Retail stores within Metro Manila malls and Mindanao rely on it. Side out will continue innovating competitive outdoor gears for the Filipino community and for the foreign climber who loves to explore Philippine’s nature.

Background of the Study

The Patty Enterprise established in 1998. It began with small to grow, due diligence and perseverance of the employees. This business started a simple dream to become a successful entrepreneur with the courage and conviction to own talents, it started with a plan to build a significant business that should be enough and this ability to maintain the good trend and also have a respect to your decision and never be wasteful be positive follow your heart and that’s the key of being successful in the past year they the company’s who’s found is Mr.Leoncio M. ArandelaJr .They have 45 manpower and most counted of the product they provide and delivery is more than 200 per month.


The purpose of this Sideout Outdoor is to develop a website and reservation system for the company. To know what are the uses of products and describes how much can benefit to users. Sideout Outdoor is one of the first, authentic and best suppliers of mountaineering equipment in the Philippines. Sideout Outdoor has achieved excellent quality to their equipment with affordable prices and lifetime warranty. To further multiply the customer must be real people with other people and believe in the ability of every member of the business, it shows the importance and ability of each other so it's able to grow the business it does sideout outdoor company, even not using technology is still the consequence so good for even more progress sideout and outdoor, so that why the researchers decided to create. It will be a product and easily access information directly from the management and staff of Sideout Outdoor.

Statement of the Problem
The objectives of the study are to designed and developed a WEB-based system that would enabled the users to manipulated an online reservation of the company through internet. The researchers aimed to answer the...
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