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Software Design Document

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September 13, 2012

Reservations System

Patsy Pearson
CMIS 330 Software Engineering Principles & Techniques

Table of Contents

Table of Contentsii
Table of Figuresii
1.0. Introduction1
1.1. Purpose1
1.2. Scope1
1.3. Glossary1
2.0. References2
3.0. Decomposition descripition2
3.1. Modules decomposition2
3.1.1 Modules description3
3.2. Data decomposition4
4.0. Dependency description4
5.0. Interface description7

Table of Figures
Figure 1 Class Diagram for Reservations System6
Figure 2 Reservations System ACD4
Figure 3 Data Flow Diagrams Level 0 to Level 15
Figure 4 Manages Reservations Process Level 2 DFD6
Figure 5 Process Payment Level 2 DFD6
Figure 6 Main Page7
Figure 7 New Reservation Page7
Figure 8 Reservation Details Page8
Figure 9 Collect Data via Email Message8
Figure 10 Manager View Restricted Options9
Figure 11 Customer Request Reservations Form via Email9
Figure 12 Email List10
Figure 13 Current Reservations10

1.1 Purpose
The new system is the Reservations System for a small company B&B. The system will be an automated reservations application that will assist John and Jane (owners of B&B) in managing a reservation with a bed and breakfast inn. The system will function in the front desk of the bed and breakfast as well as in its main office. The potential users of this system will be multi-end user, where there will be a multiple end users working on this system. The end users will benefit with a more productive and easier work flow process. 1.2. Scope

The Reservations System for a new small company B&B will be robust. The system will be designed to manage reservations and also to monitor expenses and profits. This will produce easy understandable reports that will increase productivity by reducing the managing and monitoring process time. The project scope will balance reasonable development cost, be delivered in a timely manner with quality and ease of simple functionality features. 1.3 Definitions and acronyms

Term| Definition|
B&B| Bed and Breakfast name of the new small company| IEEE| Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers|
SDD| Software Design Document|
SRS| Software Requirement Specification|

Pressman, R. S. (2010). Software engineering, a practitioner's approach. McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math. IEEE. IEEE Std 1016-1998 IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Design Descriptions. IEEE Computer Society, 1998.

3Decomposition Description
3.1Module decomposition
This section is a general description of each module of the Reservations System. The diagram shows the module functions, its input /output methods and how the data will be formatted. In section 3.2 contains a comprehensive listing of internal functions, which are not part of the interface design.

3.1.1 Module 1 Description
Figure 1 Class Diagram for Reservations System
Eu_endusernumberEu_firstnameEu_lastnameSetname()Getname()Password()View()| Reservation|

Pa_idnumberPa_firstnamePa_lastnamePa_addressPa_cityPa_statePa_phonenumberPa_creditnumber| Room|
checkscontacts makes reserves

3.2Data decomposition
The data entity description can be found in section 3.4 of the SRS. 4 Dependency description

The Reservations system’s type is client-server with client and server software components. It runs on Windows, MAC and web-based platforms. The major inputs are End User, and email. The major outputs are...

References: Pressman, R. S. (2010). Software engineering, a practitioner 's approach. McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math.
IEEE. IEEE Std 1016-1998 IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Design Descriptions. IEEE Computer Society, 1998.
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