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Chapter I
A. Purpose and Description
Many are taking advantage of the technology today. From School to offices and now in Healthcare relate especially hospitals and even clinics. Upgrading from manual system to automated not only lessen paper consumption but also gives assurance of the safety of information that will be kept properly and well-organized. Patient record is a collection of documents that provides an account of each episode in which a patient visited or have treatment and received care from health care facility. The record is confidential and is usually held by the facility, and the information in it is released only to the patient or with the patient's written permission. It contains the patient’s personal information, initial assessment of the patient's health status, the health history, reports of tests performed, and other pertinent data. .

B. Project Context
Arellano Dental Clinic has been running for almost 10 years now. For the past 10 years they have acquired a lot of customers because of the devotion and best service they give to their customer. The clinic runs manually. Having so many patients is tough, yes, it gives income but managing it isn’t that easy. Their manual process includes writing the personal information of the patients on an index card. Personal information includes, name, date of birth, age, contact number, address and procedure done and will be done. The process is tough and not as organized as the owner says. There are some instances of lost cards and faded ink on the paper which makes it hard for them to read.

Having a patient record system will lessen their problems on storing and keeping their patients’ information. Not only this, their files will be organized.

C. Objectives
The general objective of this study is to develop a Patient Record System for Arellano Dental Clinic that will provide a way for the dentist and their staff to track the records of their patients. Specifically the study...
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