Dental System

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1. 0 Introduction
Luckily, we are now living in a word where everything is powered by technology. Today, the use of technology has been an effective tool in improving various kinds of transaction used in establishment and industry. The continuous development of technology has also made people’s work became more productive, convenient and less hassle.

As a student, we already encounterdifferent problems facing each school year with the manual enrollment process. The chaotic process during enrollment is a dreaded task for the personnel working in the registrar department. Student enrollees have to stand and wait for an hour or two to finish and worse, sometimes students are made to come back the next day so that they can be officially enrolled. All these have posed a problem which alarm this group of researchers and decided to pursue in resolving the management problem. The Dental Management system of AGS can alleviate and reduce the work load of people involved in the activities.

2.1. Background of the Study

Located at Tabon San Isidro, a progressive dental clinic the AGS. The AGS has many clients through all its achieving year . But the AGS procedure is currently using a manual system. 1.2 Statement of the Problem

This study seeks to determine the accurate development of an Dental Clinic Management System for AGS. The researcher sought to establish solution for the following problem that has commonly encountered during the inventory.

1.2.1General Problem
Accommodating a large number of clients profile every operation has always been a very hassle task for the management. The time consuming process regarding the clients profile and keeping the files record.

1.2.2 Specific Problems

* Creation of clients profile is a hard task
* The redundancy of clients’ record and slow retrieval of clients’ data creates further complexity in the management process of client. * The unsecured storing/keeping of client’s data is part of the...
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