Software for Human Services Organization Paper

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Software for Human Services Organization Paper
In this paper we will explore the benefits of using this software to centralize electronic client records and human services resources. We will also explore how I might use the selected software to track client services as well as describe any advantages and disadvantages (if any) of using this particular software. We will explain how the size of the organization helps determine the software package chosen as well as three possible challenges that could occur during the implementation process and how we would resolve them. Client track is a software program used in the human services field to promote health, human and social service organization (Client Track , 2013). Client Track is an awesome program that helps in configuration of the organization, in doing so, the organization is able to work at its highest potential in the office. Some of the abilities of this program include;Intakes, assessments, determining elegibility, case notes, tracking client progress, measuring potential outcomes as well as providing referrals and so much more (Client Track , 2013). “Human service organizations that use a wide variety of tools to mange these activities can consolidate their technology by using client track” (Client Track , 2013). By having client track software program to centralize electronic client records in the human services field, will benifet the organization tremendously. For example, the organization will be able to have all contacts in one place, the data is more secure and reliable. The information can be backed up on a regular basis, sometimes daily or even nightly depending on the setting of the program. In most cases it will lessen the amount of duplicated records generated for a client. The data base can become a shared source of knowledge, when changes to records are made it becomes available to everyone in the organization as well. When it comes to tracking client services Client track is used to...

Cited: Client Track . (2013). Retrieved September 3, 2013, from Client track software:
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