Was Tsar Nicholas the Second Fit to Rule

Topics: Russia, Jews, Judaism Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: March 1, 2009
In this essay I am going to be having a look at whether Tsar Nicholas II was fit to rule Russia during his reign. Who was Tsar Nicholas II? :
He was the leader of Russia during 1894 – 1917 of which he was then overthrown. He was an Autocrat. He had not been elected into his position as the Tsar, but he was born into the job, this meant that he was not loved by the people as much as if they had elected him to be Tsar. To help Tsar to rule he had ministers, these were his friends and family this was so they would not try and go behind his back or betray him. Many Historians say that the Ministers and Tsar did not communicate enough, some say it was because the Tsar made no effort to rule his country, others say it’s because the ministers did not agree with the ways of which Tsar ruled Russia.

What did Tsar Nicholas II do well? :
He was a very intelligent and quick minded man; he could solve problems as soon as they came to the surface. He knew how to win an audience; he knew what to say, and when to say. He was very religious and was a role model to those of the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church would persuade the peasants to praise him like a God; this made the Tsar even more powerful. He was a Trained soldier and had faith and courage he knew how to order people around. What did Tsar Nicholas II do wrong? :

He was a very violent man and was against the Jews, he even made a day which was called Pogroms, these were days which Jewish people were allowed to be attacked by the other Russians just because they were Jewish. He focused too much on his family life. His wife would make sure he always spent the afternoon with his family; this also meant he was lead by a female, which was not appropriate for this era in time. I quote from Kerensky, Leader of the Government in 1917 after the revolution. “Tsar found the daily work of a monarch boring he could not stand long or seriously to minsters reports, or readings,” This tells us that Tsar Nicholas II was not...
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