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Topics: Learning, Qualitative research, Skill Pages: 3 (1086 words) Published: June 3, 2013
The aim of this report is to clarify the steps I have gone through to prove whether I have improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse at the skill of an overhead volleyball serve, over a period of time. The process undertaken to complete this report includes a visual feedback video system, different methods of practice, and a variety of feedback, both internally and externally. With the help of the visual feedback video system, the motor program I used can be broken down into a subroutine for my overhead serve. I Begin with one foot forward, preferably left. Hold the ball in your left hand, extend your arm at your elbow straight in front of you. Raise your right arm, pull your elbow back, bend your arm at your elbow and drop your hand. Transfer your weight onto you back leg (right) bending you right knee. Release the ball directly in front of you in the air, during this time transfer your weight forward onto your left foot. Raise your right elbow and extend your hand above it, make contact with the ball and follow through.*Appendix A. Many Subroutines may differ according to how your motor program functions.

When I first attempted my overhead serve in volleyball I started at a cognitive stage. This was because I had an overall idea of what the skill was, and what had to be done. I was then involved in a demonstration which helped to get an idea of the sequence of movements involved in the overall skill. After I had a trial run, I then began to move into the Associative stage as I began to use meaningful practice to then self-assess my skill. As I began using different training methods and practices (to discover my favoured type of practice and method,) I moved along the associative stage and developed more skills to incorporate in my serve.

The training methods I incorporated were:

Whole Method: Whole method incorporates the whole skill from start to finish.

Part Method: In part method, parts of the skill are practiced in isolation, which is good...
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