Vocal Techniques

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Vocal Techniques

The single most important thing you can do for you students vocal health is to start off any singing activity with vocal wearm-ups. Putting your music lesson at the beginning of the day can really be a big plus for your students' health! However these are beneficial exercises whenever you choose to use them.

These Warm-ups have 3 basic principles behind them:
1. Good Posture
2. Proper Breathing
3. Be gentle with your voice and Warm-up before intensive use.

Good posture is very important if you want to get the best out of your voice. When you are going to sing, watch that you are in a position of minimum tension and maximum flexibility with ears directly over shoulders, shoulders over your hips. Check you can still see your shoulders out of your peripheral vision.

1. GOOD POSTURE - An exercise for practising is to pretend you are a puppet dangling on a single string attached to the top of their heads.

Be conscious of how you breathe. Deep breathing is essential for safe, healthy, effective voice production. When you breathe in, aim to feel as if you take in air as low down in your body as possible without your shoulders having to rise. Allow tummy muscles to relax outwards as you breathe in.

2. PROPER BREATHING - Begin your singing with exercices that focus on proper breathing. Panting like a dog or holding hands on the diaphram to feel it expanding outward while breathing in deeply are two such exercises.

After that it's time for a gentle vocal warm-up.

3. VOCAL WARM-UP - First, massage your face, lips, and throat to relax tension. Hum an "m" sound gently up and down their voice range to to start the vocal warm-up.

Then, sing a series of round open vowels such as "Mmmeee-Mmmay-Mmmah-Mmmoe-Mmmoo" on one note and then repeating moving up and down the scale. Check breathing - relax your tummy muscles outwards as you take a breath in.

These exercises will insure properly warmed-up voices. You will be amazed...
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