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Children enjoy singing. It allows them to relax and belt out a tune however they want. Children can become real imaginative and creative using different beats, words and pitches to make their own music. Whether it is singing in a high voice, fast, a low voice, or talking, they make it their own unique music. Everyone can sing, it depends on if one wants to believe they can or not. Show confidence when singing, learn the varying pitches that are used, and choose the appropriate song for one's...

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Karaoke Singing

CASE 1: KARAOKE - Teaching the world to sing 1.1 What needs and wants are fulfilled by karaoke singing? In my view, I would say there are 2 types of needs one’s can achieve from karaoke singing, first of all, it would be the social needs to network with people (eg. socializing/mingle around with people would portrait a sense of belonging). Secondly, to some people it would be something more towards individual needs where they can express themselves/show affection to people. For wants, it would...

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Singing with Corrrect Posture

Singing with corrrect posture MAny people love to sing. They sing along with the radio in the cars or in their room. One may even be in a choir and still not being singing with the correct posture. singing with courrect posture consist of various techniques that can improve singing dramatically. Whether singing in the car or performing in front of hundreds. In this paper there will be steps on how to sing with correct posture. Step one, be standing up. This allows the body to be in the...

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My Passion in Singing

best to achieve my dreams no matter how high or low they are. I have many affiliations since elementary and most of these are into singing because it is one way of expressing myself. When I was a child, I already use my talent in singing because one of my dreams is to make my name shine in lights and make my faces known to everyone in the world. I started singing in front of a crowd when I was 6 years old. Each one in our class was required to sing, and I was amazed at how my classmates and teacher...

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Singing Master

THE SINGING MASTER An Undergraduate Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Computer Studies Department Cavite State University – Imus Campus Imus, Cavite In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Arjay Joseph S. Urrete Maharlika M. Pamulaya CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION THE SINGING MASTER Communication is a core element to society’s foundation. It defined as the interchange of thoughts, feelings and emotions. It enhances and supports new...

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Singing and Singer Selection. Tim

starting to get the first step. tim:.I believe that everyone in the world has his or her own dreams. You can pursuit your dream to became a music star. I believe you can do it! Julia: Well, I think there are so many youngers who are really good at singing recently, and more and more people are having a dream to be a super star. I don't have the confidence to become the outstanding one in such a competitive society which has a strict standards for singer selection. tim: May be someone has told you...

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Singing in the Rain Analysis

I could tell, all of the original dialogue and props were used, and the actors portrayed the original characters very well. Throughout the entire play both my interest and my friend’s were maintained, but the one aspect that needed work was the singing. I remember cringing during the song “Beautiful Girl” and leaning over to my friend saying “this is awful.” She agreed. I’m not sure if maybe the actor was sick or if he really was just a bad singer. Either way he looked as if he was quite nervous...

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Personal Life and Flower Arranging

my hobbies must first capture my passion. Among many of my hobbies, those that can stand out and create continued interests are singing, flower arranging and basketball. Singing – we all sing, don’t we? In the shower, in the car, when no one is listening, we sing. To those who possess a good voice or even just a passable voice, singing is a fun and rewarding hobby. Singing as a hobby implies performing in public and showcasing a person’s talent to the world. I, personally, like to sing. I feel that...

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Giant Dreams, Midget Abilities

experience taking guitar lessons in “Giant Dreams, Midget Abilities” after his father decided that he and his younger sisters should start a family music group. However, Sedaris has no desire to learn how to play guitar. His desire lies within singing jingles in the voice of Billie Holiday. Sedaris’ desire to sing in the voice of Billie Holiday is probably closely related to his sexual orientation, being gay, and his father’s passion for jazz music. There is an implication of femininity in...

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A Cappella? Is That How You Spell It?

include instruments that double a human voice part. So, the correct definition of a cappella should be something like 'singing without independent instrumental accompaniment.' At Primarily A Cappella, we are trying to popularize this style of music, so we like to keep it simple. a cappella - two words, two "p's", two "l's." singing without instruments A Capella? Some musical dictionaries indicate that the Italian a cappella is preferred over the...

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