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THE SINGING MASTER An Undergraduate Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Computer Studies Department Cavite State University – Imus Campus Imus, Cavite In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Arjay Joseph S. Urrete Maharlika M. Pamulaya CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION THE SINGING MASTER Communication is a core element to society’s foundation. It defined as the interchange of thoughts, feelings and emotions. It enhances and supports new...

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Lesson Plan on Basic Vocal Performance - Posture

II MODULES 1: Foundations of Basic Vocal Performance III TIME ALLOTMENT: 15 minutes per session (12 sessions) IV PERFORMANCE STANDARD ⦁ Stands correctly with proper singing stance/posture ⦁ Makes the body relaxed ⦁ Shows proper breathing regulation V COMPETENCIES/OBJECTIVES ⦁ incorporates proper singing stance to properly perform breathing regulation and abdominal support ⦁ demonstrates a relaxed body to lessen the tension through body-stretching and simple body exercises ...

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Learning English through Drama

(quietly) Regina, don't be like that.  (Motions to drafting table) (smiling) Why don't you sing the song of Jay Chau? (singing) “Listen to mama’s word …..”  That always cheers you up. (giggling) REGINA (downcast eyes) What's the use anymore?  I'm a failure at singing.  I don't even know why I bother at it anymore. ZOE (aside: Oh my goodness! She is troubling about her failure at singing! Oh! Has she ever watched ‘Doraemon’? Does she know that she just likes Punkhoo, who dreams to be a singer but has...

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A Cappella? Is That How You Spell It?

include instruments that double a human voice part. So, the correct definition of a cappella should be something like 'singing without independent instrumental accompaniment.' At Primarily A Cappella, we are trying to popularize this style of music, so we like to keep it simple. a cappella - two words, two "p's", two "l's." singing without instruments A Capella? Some musical dictionaries indicate that the Italian a cappella is preferred over the...

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Hip Hop and R&B

of a rapper on an R&B song, singers display more vocal-play on songs. With the melodies singers create, R&B songs differ from Hip-Hop songs; though Hip-Hop artists sometimes create melodies without always singing. Pop and rap songs played on the radio today provide examples of a method of singing, without having to actually sing much; this method is known as Auto-tune, which makes a computerized noise. A singer can also create a Hip-Hop song, though Hip-Hop songs are usually rap-oriented. Different...

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Creative Sparks Talk

after school every Tuesday. My nephew who is 9 years old loves to draw and sing. I occasionally buy him new art supplies and post up new drawings on my fridge or at my desk at work to praise his creativity. For the singing, I always ask him to sing to me and he is currently receiving singing lessons outside of school time. I believe that these examples benefit society as a whole because parents cannot blame a school system alone for not embracing their child’s creative side. Ultimately, we as parents...

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Experiential Education

eaten and had shared his fun, the birthday song “Padapadacam” is sung. Its singing on this occasion has become a must. The celebrant sits on a chair in the middle of the sala as everybody sings Padapadacam. Each stanza denotes acts to be done by those present, to show their love and affection, like the laying of a crown of ferns and flowers on the celebrant’s head and the offering of a the bouquet. Finally, with the singing of the familiar song “Happy Birthday,” handfuls of rice grains are showed...

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Ethel Waters

vocalist as well. Her talent extended beyond singing, when she became a dramatic actress who earned award nominations for her performances. What was most remarkable about Waters' performances was how she reconstructed the mammy character into one that challenged stereotypes. Career as a Singer Ethel Waters was born in Chester, Pennsylvania on October 31, 1896. She had a hard life in which she faced rejection from her mother and poverty. Waters' love of singing began as a child when she sang in church...

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"I Got a Boy" Evaluation

vocal showcase sections, and what sounds like a xylophone. Sounds messy? Somehow it isn't with the sounds constantly playing off and evolving with each other, …” The instrumental of the song isn’t the only thing that is catchy. The girls combined singing and rapping throughout the song to keep it interesting for listeners and pairing it well with the ever-changing music; it makes “I Got a Boy” a fun and unique song to listen to. The only two downsides are the language and how the beginning of the...

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Vocal Techniques

Vocal Techniques The single most important thing you can do for you students vocal health is to start off any singing activity with vocal wearm-ups. Putting your music lesson at the beginning of the day can really be a big plus for your students' health! However these are beneficial exercises whenever you choose to use them. These Warm-ups have 3 basic principles behind them: 1. Good Posture 2. Proper Breathing 3. Be gentle with your voice and Warm-up before intensive use. WARM-UPS Good...

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