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  • Assignment: Human Voice and Music

    Answer each question thoroughly and completely.  Each question is worth up to 5 points‚ and the complete assignment is worth up to 30 points. 1.  The first task will be to introduce yourself and let me know what your background is in music and online learning.  Give your name‚ if you play (or have played) an instrument or sing‚ and if you’ve ever taken an online class. Answer: My name is Huy Huynh and this is the third year of me in Golden West College. I have not had a chance to take choir

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  • The Human Voice: A Dominant Tool of Communication

    Matthew Susdorf COM-317 3/2/12 The Human Voice The human voice is an extremely dominant tool of communication whether or not it includes language. Around the world there are so many different types of accents of the human voice that make us unique to our roots and culture. In the short informational film‚ The Human Voice‚ vocals are analyzed in many aspects. The aspects I found most interesting was that about accents. This paper seeks to examine and answer a few questions about the short film

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  • The Voice

    You may adore it‚ you may despise it well guess what I love: The Voice. Well if you have not heard of it; let me give you some insight into it. It`s a British television talent show based on ‘The Voice Of Holland’ created by the Dutch television producer John De Mol. It began its 11 week run in March 2012. There are four stimulating and appealing judges to judge the voices of the contestants; more over the judges are Danny O’Donoghue who is absolutely good-looking; there’s Jessie J who sings absolutely

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  • Human Voice and Personal History Wells

    capturing the essence of the son or daughter that has returned. The voices of women have always held the power of our collective history‚ and are a tangible link to our divine origins‚ where we are not one‚ but Everyone‚ where we are indistinguishable from Gods. As I have recently begun to trace the lineage and history of my own biological family‚ I too have become the keeper of history and can hear the timbre of my own voice in " Without and Within" and "Meditations on Yellow". As we look back

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  • Voice Within

    Selena Vargas Engl 099 Judy Hansen W2D2 Voice Within As I closed my eyes and parted my lips‚ the voice deep within came out and filled the auditorium. The tune brought water to people’s eyes while others were left not knowing what to think. I listened to the voice‚ made sure that it was in tune and wondered what surprises it would bring. I believe that singing isn’t just words sung with notes; it’s a way of expressing emotions from deep within. My passion for singing comes from my heart

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  • mechanics of the voice

    lungs. It does so by closing shut whenever food is swallowed‚ making sure the food does not go down the windpipe and into the lungs. The larynx is also one of the anatomical structures in our bodies responsible for producing sound. The larynx‚ or voice-box‚ is suspended with muscles from all four directions so that it does not move with slight movements of the head and neck. However‚ its two functions cannot occur simultaneously. You can imagine someone chocking when he talks while eating. This is

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  • Distinctive voices

    Composers use distinctive voices within their text’s to enable us to think about significant issues within the world. Marele Day in her novel " the life and crimes of Harry Lavender" uses the literary form of a detective fiction genre to challenge our perceptions of the roles of men and women in society and presents us with characters who use distinct voices in different situations revealing much about themselves and their relationships with others. Whereas Andrew Patterson challenges city life to

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  • Voice Maturity

    ever wondered why your voice matures when you get older? Well that’s because your vocal cords grow longer making you voice deeper. A male’s voice gets way deeper than a female’s voice though. A male’s larynx grows bigger during puberty making the voice deeper. For some people‚ if you sing‚ that means that your vocal range can increase easily. But if you don’t sing‚ it isn’t necessary for your vocal range to increase. As you grow older‚ your larynx hardens making your voice seem a little high pitched

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  • My Voice Matters

    sort of sound from our thoughts‚ excreting noise from the depths of our being‚ that’s our true signature. Since I have such a powerful tool available to myself‚ I don’t understand why I never fully use it to the advantage. I believe‚ that since my voices matter‚ I should make more of an effort to talk to my peers face to face. In my day and age‚ my generation is known for its dependence to our distraction. I seem to have lost the ability to talk to my peers. Everybody is more confident

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  • Voice and Movement for Actors

    As an actor‚ your body and your voice are your tools. An actor needs to control both their body and voice in just the right way in order to make their performance believable. Although it is sometimes thought that voice and movement are very different things and therefore should be kept separate‚ in truth they are very much connected and both need to come together for a great performance. A lot can be said about movement in acting. ‘One must stand up straight.’‚ “One must make all movements large

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