Topics: Scientific method, Psychology, Statistics Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Hindsight bias-known as the "I knew it all along" concept. Humans tend to believe the outcome of experiment that seems inevitable was known all along Critical thinking-examines assumptions, discerns hidden values, evaluates evidence and asses conclusions Theory-explains through an integrated set of principals that organizes observations and predicts behavior or events Hypothesis-testable predictions produced by good theories

Operational definition- definition of precise procedures and concepts Replication- repeat the original observations
Case study-examines one individual in depth In hopes of revealing things true of us all. Survey-method that looks at many cases in less depth
Population-represents a whole group
Random sample-every person in the entire group has an equal chance of participating Naturalistic observation- a descriptive method that records behavior in natural environments Correlation- relationship between two things, how they impact one another. Correlation coefficient-a statistical measure that helps us figure out how two things vary. Scatterplot- illustrating the range of possible correlations Illusory correlation-a perceived but non existent correlation Experiment-enables a researcher to research the effects of one or more factors Random assignment-used to hold all factors constant

Double-blind procedure-never the participants or the research assistants collect the data will know which group is receive the treating. Placebo effect-when a sugar pill is given to trick one into thinking they are being provided treatment Experimental group-group in which people receive treatment

Control group-does not receive treatment
Independent variable-the experiment can be manipulated with this factor Confounding variable-can influence the result of the experiment Dependent variable-can vary depending on what takes place in the experiment Mode- the most frequently occurring

Mean-arithmetic average
Median-the midpoint
Range-gap between lowest and...
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