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Topics: Jean Piaget, Pregnancy, Object-oriented programming Pages: 9 (1796 words) Published: May 5, 2013
44 Multiple-Choice & True/False Questions
The multiple-choice & true/false questions are worth 1 point each.  
1. A child’s cohort would include their
A) neighbors
B) immediate family
C) parents
D) classmates * (Logic: cohort =a group/follower)
2. Experiments allow researchers to:
A) reflect the natural environment
B) study the entire complexity and uniqueness of an individual * C) inexpensively follow the scientific method
D) determine cause-and-effect
3. The greatest disadvantage of experiments is that scientists: A) cannot control the environment in the experiment
B) cannot ensure that people’s behaviors in the experiment are the same as they would be in normal everyday life * C) cannot test a hypothesis scientifically
D) cannot determine which factor is the real cause
4. A researcher is interested in studying the effects of aging on memory, but data gathered using the cross sectional design may also include the effects of A) a dependent variable
B) participants moving away and dropping out of the study
C) differences among age groups that are not due to age
D) statistical analysis *
5. Correlations do NOT tell researchers:
A) whether a relationship between two variables is positive or negative B) that one variable causes another
C) that there is a relationship between variables
D) how strong a relationship exists between two variables *
6. Marianna used a prescription medicine for two weeks while she was pregnant. The potential damage: A) depends partly on when during her pregnancy she took the medicine * B) is the same throughout the pregnancy

C) is greater for structures that are fully developed
D) is highest during the last trimester
7. Given a set of quadruplets consisting of two girls and two boys, AT LEAST how many ova had to be fertilized? A) one *
B) two
C) three
D) four
8. Generalizing from what is known about the infant’s experience of birth, the breathing problems often experienced by cesarean-delivered newborns might be remedied by A) delivering the baby before labor begins

B) stimulating the secretion of stress hormones in the newborn C) immediately removing the nasal plugs of the newborn
D) administering oxygen to the mother during the third stage of labor *  
9. Pregnancy is most likely to end:
A) during the germinal period *
B) in spontaneous abortion in the period of the embryo
C) in spontaneous abortion in the period of the fetus
D) in induced abortion in the second trimester
10. A baby places all new objects into her mouth. However, after she places a shiny object into her mouth and it hurts her tongue, she no longer places shiny objects into her mouth. Piaget would say that the baby has: A) demonstrated object permanence

B) experienced assimilation *
C) experienced accommodation
D) demonstrated egocentrism
11. The baby described in the question above would fit in Freud’s _______ stage of psychosexual development. A) sensorimotor
B) oral
C) anal *
D) latency
12. Piaget believed that infants:
A) actively seek to comprehend their world *
B) learn mostly through reinforcement
C) sleep too much
D) are passive receptors of stimulation
13. A baby looks, coos, and smiles at a new mobile hanging over her crib. After a few weeks, she barely glances at it. What has occurred? A) sensory maturation
B) sensitization
C) habituation
D) deferred imitation *
14. When little Tommy’s father hides a ball behind his back, Tommy quickly loses interest in the ball. This suggests that Tommy has not accomplished: A) object permanence
B) attachment *
C) curiosity
D) basic trust
15. A baby who says “ba-ba-ba-ba” is:
A) babbling
B) using telegraphic speech
C) cooing
D) using expressive jargon*
16. Mollie, age 4, cannot go to sleep without her favorite rag doll. The doll is an example of: A) repression
B) reaction formation
C) a transitional object
D) habituation *
17. Sam clings to his mother during the...
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