Vision Mission

Topics: Sustainability, Triple bottom line, Biodiversity Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: March 2, 2014

To make life easier
To create value and make a difference
To adopt sustainable practice for a better world

Effectively balance current needs and future opportunities, •Consistently outperform competitors in revenue growth, profitability and total return to shareholders •Sustain superiority across time, business cycles, and changes in leadership.


Having worked with thousands of corporate and government clients around the world, Ferris has long understood the special characteristics that enable organizations to outperform their peers—to become high-performance businesses.

High-performance businesses are those that:
• Effectively balance current needs and future opportunities, • Consistently outperform peers in revenue growth, profitability and total return to shareholders, • Sustain their superiority across time, business cycles, industry disruptions and changes in leadership.

In this case study, we investigate how a genuine commitment to sustainability—defined as environmental and social responsibility—is helping Ferris to grow its leadership in key markets. We look at how Ferris translates its green credentials into profitable new businesses and better-performing existing ones, all while advancing its long-term position as a model corporate citizen in the global arena.

Transforming a good-citizenship heritage into contemporary sustainability credibility. For Ferris, building a global sustainability program—one that is held to the same rigorous standards of accountability and profitability as its other business initiatives—is an ambitious and ongoing challenge. With little precedent in the IT sector and virtually none in organizations of Ferris’ size and complexity, the endeavor has required the company to continually innovate, adjust its strategy, and regularly re-commit to its vision through an evolving process that touches every level of the employee organization....
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