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Topics: Sustainability, Corporate social responsibility, Business ethics Pages: 12 (4322 words) Published: November 1, 2008
Case Sustainability Initiative at Roche

Table of Contents
Sustainable development: the triple bottom line3
Economic, social and environmental responsibility3
Social responsibility: the key elements5
Corporate Responsibility Innovation at Roche5
What is corporate responsibility?5
Corporate responsibility according to the Roche corporate brochure6 Target of responsibility as reflected in reported organizational structures, policies and practices.7 Gaining competitive advantage through Corporate Responsibility8 Social Responsibility in Pharmaceuticals Industry. Criticism and Evidence.10 Corporate Social Responsibility Activities of Roche Finland12 Conclusion13

In this assignment we will discuss the topic of sustainability and we will apply it to Roche, one of the leading global pharmaceutical companies. We will first discuss what sustainability is and stands for by looking at the three components; social, economic and environmental sustainability. After that, we will describe what Roche sees as its key elements in its efforts to be socially responsible. We will also look at the corporate brochure, and look at the claims they make about corporate social responsibility and sustainability. After investigating Roche’s claims about their corporate social responsibility, we will search for reflections of their values in their organizational structure, policies and or practices. Besides analysing their sustainability and social responsibility efforts, we will also focus on the effects it has on their corporate reputation. Do the company’s initiatives go beyond enhancing its reputation? And if so, is it at all possible to use charitable efforts to improve the company’s competitive context? In addition, we will look into the criticisms that are made in the last couple of years of pharmaceutical companies not being socially responsible. We have reviewed several critical statements, and their reasoning. Lastly, we will discuss the corporate social responsibility activities of Roche Finland.

Sustainable development: the triple bottom line
Economic, social and environmental responsibility
Sustainable development has been defined in many ways, but the most frequently quoted definition is from Our Common Future, also known as the Brundtland Report : "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainability is built up by 3 aspects, namely economic, social and environmental sustainability. It is also possible to use the 3P’s; People (social), Planet (Environment) and Profits (Economic). Social development means that the needs of people must be equally met. People’s primary needs are things like access to medical care, suitable housing, food and sanitation, but also happiness, safety, freedom, dignity and affection. As demonstrated on Sustainability-ED Web site, the social aspect of sustainability addresses these needs by promoting equality, education and participation in local communities . Economic sustainability is not only about achieving economic growth every year; it is also about improving the quality of life and the environment at the same time. Environmental sustainability is mostly addressed by the society today. As natural resources are no longer abundant, and we are using them at a more rapid rate than they can be replaced by nature, we are exhausting our planet. Actions to improve the environmental sustainability are programs that reduce the use of non-renewable resources, adoption of recycling process, the use of renewable resources, redesign of production process that eliminate the production of waste or emissions, the protection of natural habitats and environments, etc. In the Roche case we can see that the company intertwines the 3 aspects of sustainability. This is what Roche mentions in their report on People & Environment on their website:...
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