Virtual World is Losing the Human Touch

Topics: Africa, Thought, Earth Pages: 1 (448 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Virtual world is losing the human touch
The topic for today’s debate is - the virtual world is losing the human touch. I would like to speak against the motion. In my opinion nothing can be further from the truth. The virtual world has been created by humans to answer the ever increasing needs of humans which cannot be fulfilled in the limiting dimensions of the real world. And with each passing day technology is making the virtual world resemble more and more like the real world minus its limitations. How can this medium, this world made by humans, used by humans to their great benefit can be blamed for a lack of human touch is beyond me. Tell me my friend; is it not the mind which is the feeling, ‘human’ part of us, and is it not the mind which participates in creating or using these virtual worlds? So how can we blame these worlds of lacking the human quality or ‘touch’ which is contained after all in the mind. Never before in history have people of the world been so much in touch with each other. The Social, economic and geographical barriers which so far kept humanity divided do not exist in the virtual world. A voice from one remote corner of the world is heard and joined together by other voices across the world. One plea of help is answered by millions on the virtual social sites. The most relevant example to prove my point is Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement which is inarguably India’s biggest online social revolution. His revolution has taken all over the virtual world with supporters flooding social sites with a unity never before witnessed on the web. People may be disillusioned with the real world revolutions but they trust and show faith in the virtual worlds of cyberspace and internet by choosing them as their meeting ground for garnering support and planning a revolution. I would sum up my argument by saying that the creation and use of the virtual world is motivated by the needs and goals which are all too human, like the need to...
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