With the Technology Overwhelming Our Senses, Will the Human Relations Become a Dying Art?

Topics: Personal life, Instant messaging, Interaction Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: March 3, 2013
With the technology overwhelming our senses, will the human relations become a dying art?

Before we contemplate over the question that lie before us, let us take some time to do a little juxtaposition; to compare and contrast how our lifestyle used to be and how it has ‘evolved’ over time. Those days at school or at work whenever we grab a free time we used to have fun with our clique but nowadays whenever we get a free time all we do is staring at the newsfeed on mobile Facebook. Back in the good old days, after we had returned home, we would go out to play with our friends, but now all we do is playing “Call of Duty” in front of our PCs. And those days we would love to visit our cousins and enjoy but now we are content with “Poking” them or “Tweeting” them.

But we reassure ourselves that, this change is only a mere transition of communication, nothing but a beginner’s step into the ‘E world’. And we back that statement saying technology is the best substitute to bridge human interactions in a world where people are too preoccupied with their busy schedules to mind ‘real-time’ interactions. And we believe with novel means of technology like Internet, email, ‘Skype’, texting, chatting etc. communication has shifted into an ultra-convenient dimension. Yet what we fail to see is, these ‘E-interactions’ behave in a subtle paradoxical way. This is because ideally they are supposed to bring people close to each other, but what they actually do is bring distance to relationships!

For example see the impact of the social networks on internet upon our youth. They seem to be highly active and engaged on Facebook or Goggle+ but when it come down to facing people in real life that outgoing ‘online’ character becomes the most introvert person in the world. Or in other words modern technology has imprisoned us into this comfortable shell, in which we keep superficial or rather fake relations. But when it comes down to actually interacting with people, they are simply...
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