Attached by the Hoip

Topics: Friendship, Future, Technology Pages: 3 (827 words) Published: November 1, 2013
Attached By the Hip
Technology is the way people run today. Some people look at technology as the future of America. Others look at technology as a place to find old friends. Today Americans have fewer friends in the real world then they have online. William Deresiewicz’s essay Faux Friendship and G. Anthony Gorry’s essay Empathy In the Virtual World both look at technology as it is seen today. Deresiewicz and Gorry argue that people today get more attached to their technology.

Between both Deresiewicz and Gorry they both argue about how humans today are attracted to technology. In Deresiewicz’s essay he explains how technology is ruining people’s lives because they are use to having technology on them. Many people have technology at their fingertips. People use technology for everything even to ask why the sky is blue. He also talks about how technology can have its benefits. Many people look up long distance friendships on places like Facebook. Some people might talk to someone overseas or in a different country using technology. Deresiewicz says technology has been turning us into machines, just like Gorry says in his essay. During Gorry’s essay he examines how the technology ruins how people have a face-to-face conversation. Instead of talking to someone face-to-face people can always text others to avoid that face-to-face conversation. Gorry also has a part in his essay when he says that technology is eating away books. If a person ever wanted a book they could go online to get it. The internet knows everything, from math homework to what is happening in the world this very second. Still, after many years to come the next generation will be based off technology.

In Deresiewicz’s piece he examines technology as a place that will take over generation after generation. “They’re simulacra of my friends, little dehydrated packets of images and information, no more my friends than a set of baseball cards in the New York Mets” (Deresiewicz, 367)....
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