Twitter Critique 1

Topics: World Wide Web, Twitter, Internet Pages: 1 (465 words) Published: February 13, 2015
Joyce Hernandez Martinez
Instructor: Carolyn M.
Twitter Critique
English 102
07 February 2015
Twitter Crtique
In the article “Do I really Have to Join Twitter” by Farhad Manjoo, he starts out talking about Twitter and how it is becoming more popular rapidly. Manjoo continues on about Twitter and how some people think it is the next great mode of human communication, while others say they have a hard time wrapping their heads around the service. Manjoo then asks the reader if Twitter is a fad and how if a person did not joinTwitter then they would be missing out on some important cultural touch stones. Manjoo also mentions the history of what people do online. For example, how Email and IM replace letters and face-to-face chatting. He also mentions how Twitter is different because it is a faster or easier way of doing something you did in the past. Manjoo’s audience is people who either use or want to use twitter. He seems to want to inform people that are interested in using Twitter, if it will be worth their time to join or not. His main point seems to be informative. He is focusing on the pros and cons of using Twitter compared to other forms of communication available on the web. Manjoo presents a few statistics by referring to comScore, a microblogging site. Manjoo concludes with if you join twitter than you may not get as many followers as celebrities and people in the media. In the second article “Tweet Like an Egyptian” by Kevin Clarke, he discusses the role of internet in the freedom campaigns and protests in Arab countries. The people who joined the revolution in Egypt and Tunisia organized themselves and established authority by using the latest social networking technologies of the Internet. It is also through the World Wide Web where they learned how important it is to have their opinions and thoughts fully expressed and welcomed. Clarke focuses more on the people in Egypt and how they are using the Internet to question and challenge...
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