Use a diary system

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Use a Diary System
Understand a Diary System

1. Explain the purpose of using a diary system.
There are many purposes to using a diary system, one main purpose is to efficiently and effectively manage and utilise every minute of the working day by being able to see what meetings are coming up, what preparation time is available and to look back and see how much time was spent during the day on what topics/meetings.

2. Describe different types of diary systems.
There are several different types of diary systems, one is an online diary within Microsoft outlook which is linked to an email account. Appointments are sent the linked email account and owners can accept, reject or propose new times depending on availability and timing. Another type is a manual diary whereby meetings are written in and the diary can be carried on the owner at all times.

3. Describe the purpose of obtaining relevant information about requested diary entries and changes. The reasons for obtaining information about diary inserts and changes are to inform the attendee/attendees of the reason for the meeting, the subject of the meeting, what’s to be discussed and who will also attend the meeting. It also helps the organiser in arranging suitable time for preparation, ensuring the correct people have been invited and that a suitable room can be arranged to accommodate the attendees.

Understand How To Use a Diary System

4. Describe the types of information needed for diary entries. In order to set up a meeting/diary entry there are several key bits of information required. You need to know who will be attending, the subject of the meeting, how long to block out a diary slot for, when the meeting is required, where the meeting needs to be held. Other more “non-standard” bits of information required include the location of the attendees, for example if there are participants based in different locations across the country/world you need to set up numbers for them to...
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