Understand Preparing Texts from Notes

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Unit 213
Preparing text from notes
1. Understand preparing texts from notes

1.1 Describe different types of documents that may be produced from notes and the formats to be followed A document is information produced in either printed or electronic (on-screen) format. All documents can be produced using standard applications packages. We can use different kind of formats:

Standard word documents:
Use for the creation of most documents such as letters, memos, minutes, etc.

It is a sample document that can be completed either by hand or through a software assistant word processing templates enable the ability to bypass the initial setup and configuration time necessary to create standardized documents such company response letter. Most companies use templates now a day as is good way to have a standard document for everyone to use.

Spread sheets:
We will use Spread sheet for storing, calculating, filtering, verifying, sorting, displaying, creating graphic charts etc. . . . Its use is much extended now days to show large amount of data. We can use spread sheet electronically or be printed for show.

Slide Show:
A slide show is an on-screen presentation of information or ideas presented on slides. A slide show enforces the ideas, comments, solution or suggestions presented in the slide. Slide shows are conducted by a presenter using an apparatus, such as a carousel slide projector, an overhead projector or in more recent years, a computer running presentation software.

Short documents

A memo is a short note to someone else in the same organisation. It can be sent by email, handwritten or printed out and delivered by hand. Memos are usually informal in style, but most organisations have a set format to ensure that essential information is not missed out, such as subject, date, sender’s name and contact details.

Business email message
Emails are widely used for formal business purposes, as well as for informal notes to friends. Because anything said in an email is legally binding, many organisations insist that business emails follow the same conventions as business letters. A business email should always end with a signature.

A formal letter is a type of correspondence from an organisation to a client or other contact. Business letters normally have a standard structure and should include business heading, address of the recipient, date the letter was written, salutation, ending and signature of the sender.

Order form
This will have been designed so that it captures all the information that the business needs:

An agenda is a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting. A typical agenda might have these items: apologies for absence, minutes of the last meeting, matters arising from the minutes items for discussion, date of next meeting and any other business. An agenda should be circulated in good time so that the people attending the meeting have time to think and read about the issues.

The minutes of a meeting are a summary of what was discussed and the decisions made. The minutes should follow the same structure as the agenda. Someone at the meeting is given the task of taking the minutes, which means making notes and writing them up.

Extended documents

An article may be written for the staff newsletter. The style of an article falls somewhere between a report and an essay. Many organisations produce newsletters for their staff or customers, keeping them up to date with new products and news about the company. Newsletters can incorporate photos and graphical headings.

A report is any document that is written to explain a project, provide facts or generally convey information. Internal reports will be used by managers to help them make decisions.

We can use graphical documents such an illustrations, charts, flowcharts, diagrams and promotional documents (advertisement, leaflets and web pages). Documents can...
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