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These diary entires are Katy Brenner's documentation of her experience in the drug scene during the 60's in the early stages of the Hippie movement. Diary entry #1 Febuary 3rd 1961 Dear Diary, due to the huge new "Hippie" movement going on here in portland and apprently around the U.S, drugs seem to have become very popular latley. This sparks my interest as everyday while at school my friends seem to talk about diffrent things they have tried and experienced and it's starting to make me a little...

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Daisy Diary

Daisy´s Diary- Daisy meets Gatsby. (Chapter 4) Friday 7th October, 1917 Dear Diary, This fine evening the telephone in the house rang again, this time it was that lovely officer from Camp Taylor. I believe that he is the one I met the other day while having a ride with my roadster. To busy today, we arranged an encounter for tomorrow. The lovely Jordan Baker was also taking fresh air, it is not good to stay home all day, busy looking after personal issues. I am like an idol...

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learning diary

Learning Diary Adapted from Peter Honey’s Learning Log A way to enhance learning from experience Introduction We all learn from experience. Without it we would be condemned to repeating our mistakes over and over again and be incapable of adapting to change. Most of us take our learning from experience for granted, however. This Learning Diary has been created to help you become more conscious of your experiential learning during one working week so that you can manage it more effectively...

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Diary and Character

Macbeth Character Journal Assignment Guidelines Over the course of this 3 week unit, you will have the opportunity to explore the nuances of Macbeth by putting yourself into the mindset of a character you have selected. You will write a series of diary entries as if you were this character, that means from his or her point of view and create an appropriate and creative cover. Requirements: 1. You will be assigned 6 entries, with the option of skipping one entry at any time. If you choose, you may...

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Unit 208 Use a Diary System

Unit 208 questions – Use a diary system 1. Explain the purpose of using a diary system. I use the outlook diary system to organise my day, and set reminders for due dates of tasks and any appointments. We also use the diary system within the compliance system to record the dates that reviews are due on customer cases. We use the system so that everyone is aware and nothing is forgotten. All important tasks are done within the time frame. 2. Describe different types of diary system. The computer based...

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Unit 208 - Use a diary system

Unit 208 Outcome 1: Understand a diary system 1.1 A diary system allows for efficient time keeping – it allows other people to see where you are and at what time. This reduces the likelihood of appointments being missed and conflicting schedules e.g. double booking rooms 1.2 Diary systems can be split into manual systems and electronic systems – manual systems e.g. book bound diaries and wall charts are in paper form and are not so easily accessible to all employees whereas electronic systems...

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Analysis of "A Madman's Diary"

Lit13 – E02 Analysis of “A Madman’s Diary” Story – “A Madman’s Diary” by Lu Xun Plot The story started with a man visiting his good friends who l seriously ill. However, he is only successful on meeting one of them and because the other one who was ill recovered some time ago and has gone to take up an official post according to his brother. The man who visited was shown a diary of the one who was ill and he read it through. Later, he found out that the diarist suffered from a form of persecution...

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Diary Entries: Creative Responses to Clueless

Diary Entry 1 I could tell Tai’s grieving period would be considerable, unless I found someone to take Elton’s place right away. The next day in class a new guy named Christian came into my class and he was hot. Okay, okay I know I said I would find a guy for Tai, but I suppose there’s no harm in finding one for myself also. During the next few weeks I did what any normal girl would do. I sent myself love letters, flowers and candy. Just so he’d see how desired I was. Just in case he didn't already...

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Style and themes inherited and transformed in Lu Xun's "Diary of a Madman" compared with Gogol's "Diary of a Madman"

After reading Lu Xun and Gogol's "Diary of a Madman", it is apparent that the writing style and the choice of themes treated in Lu Xun's "Diary of a Madman" are influenced by Gogol's "Diary of a Madman", but Lu Xun presents the story in a more penetrating and elaborate way to accentuate the themes. Before revealing how Lu Xun incorporates Gogol's ideas into his work, we first examine the contacts between Lu Xun and Gogol. Lu Xun's writing career began from his indignation and poignancy toward China's...

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My Diary

A diary is a book kept to record daily events or a person's thoughts and Impressions. A diary can be a useful aid to memory. If a person is in the habit of forgetting his appointments, or something that he is supposed to get or do, there is nothing better than to jot these down in his diary and his memory will be aided when the time comes for him to use it. A pocket diary is the most convenient to carry about everywhere. A diary gives us an intimate glimpse of the writer, his feelings and the...

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