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  • arnold rothstein

    Arnold Rothstein 19th century America attracted a boom of culture as immigrants swarm in by the millions. During the begging of this century the majority of immigrants consisted of Italians‚ Irish‚ and European-Jews. These groups came in dozens and often kept to themselves. They didn ’t trust no one‚ but their kind‚ especially the police. Chaos and corruption was common amongst immigrant populated areas and authorities had no control over it. These mobsters weren ’t natives‚ they too were immigrants

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  • Scott Rothstein

    Rothstein’s Ponzi scheme‚ the biggest fraud case in Florida. Did Scott Rothstein knowingly lie and take money from investors‚ promising high fake returns‚ only to benefit himself and his conspirators? How he got away with this scheme without being caught is outlined. I have also included some of the red flags that were missed. Facts Rothstein and Stuart Rosenfeldt opened a law firm in 2002 called Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler. Rothstein was a people person and was able to engage easily with all types of

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  • Benedict Arnold

    Prior to his act of treason‚ Benedict Arnold was highly regarded as America’s greatest Revolutionary general. Due to his high rank and excellent performance on the battlefield it seemed most unlikely that Arnold would defect to the other side. "Arnold has betrayed us. Whom can we trust now?" asked George Washington who now felt that no one could be trusted once Arnold had betrayed his country of which he had shown so much love for beforehand. Arnold had been a die-hard patriot who at the Boston Massacre

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  • Arnold Project

    As a poet Arnold is generally admitted to rank among the Victorians next after Tennyson and Browning. The criticism‚ partly true‚ that he was not designed by Nature to be a poet but made himself one by hard work rests on his intensely‚ and at the outset coldly‚ intellectual and moral temperament. He himself‚ in modified Puritan spirit‚ defined poetry as a criticism of life; his mind was philosophic; and in his own verse‚ inspired by Greek poetry‚ by Goethe and Wordsworth‚ he realized his definition

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  • Arnold Speech

    Arnold speech Well‚ thank you very much. (Applause) Hello‚ everybody. What a great introduction‚ what a wonderful thing. What a great‚ great welcome I’m getting here‚ so thank you very much. I mean‚ I haven’t heard applause like that since I announced that I was going to stop acting. (Applause) But anyway‚ it is really terrific to see here so many graduate students and undergraduate students graduating here today. I heard that there are 4‚500 graduating here today‚ undergraduate students‚ so this

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 1

    ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30‚1947‚ in Thal‚ Austria. His parents were Aurelia and Gustav Schwarzenegger‚ and his older brother was Meinhard‚ who was liked better than Arnold by his father. Arnold’s family believes he inherited his physique from Karl Schwarzenegger‚ Arnold’s grandfather. Arnold’s father was the head of the German military police during the war years in Belgium. Gustav was legendary for his strict discipline toward Arnold and Meinhard. For example

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  • Benedict Arnold: A Traitor

    No one in their right mind will attempt to convince you that Benedict Arnold is not a traitor to the American cause during the Revolutionary War. As one of the most vilified men in American history‚ there is plenty of hatred towards Benedict Arnold. Arnold’s conquests with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys and then as a Colonel in the Revolutionary Army pushed him to a position where he could’ve become one of the true war heroes from the time. Instead‚ he became fed up with a lack of recognition

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  • Benedict Arnold Paper

    Benedict Arnold was born in Norwich‚ Connecticut‚ January 14‚ 1741. Arnold was born the last of six children to Benedict Arnold III (1683-1761) and Hannah Waterman King. He was named after his great-grandfather Benedict Arnold‚ an early governor of the Colony of Rhode Island‚ and his brother‚ Benedict IV‚ who died in infancy before Benedict Arnold V was born. Only Benedict and his sister Hannah survived to adulthood; his other siblings succumbed to yellow fever in childhood. Through his maternal

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  • Benedict Arnold Essay

    Benedict Arnold was a Revolutionary Hero that had a big affect on winning the war. He had boosted many of the soldiers moral during the war with his successful raids. Moral could be considered a reason for the Americans winning the war because it kept them going through there up and downs. To begin my essay‚ I’ll start it with a brief summary on Arnold‚ so the reader will understand who he really was. Benedict Arnold was born on January 14‚1741 in Norwich‚ Connecticut. His ancestors William

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  • Arnold S SPeech

    I’m here to tell you why Arnold Schwarzenegger would make a good president. I’m going to show you why he should be allowed to run and why he would make a great president. So how many of you can vote? There are many reasons why people think one candidate is better than the other. Whether it be race or social status. We judge presidential candidates by their past and what important things they have done. We take sides based on what they can promise us whether it be the end of the war or compromise

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