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Explain Why this is Important? A mafia is an organized secret criminal organization that engages in illegal activity such as gambling, drug dealing, protection, and prostitution. Mafia’s started in the 19th century in Sicily and migrated to the United States. They are still popular in the United States and in Italy. The members of a mafia are usually people of the same race nationality. A gang is a group of members who form together to commit street crimes. These crimes can be murder, assault...

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Mafia Subculture

the established culture. A subculture social group within a world culture that has distinguishing pattern of behavior and beliefs. An example of a division of culture would be the Mafia, an organized crime family or business. The members in this group share and are committed to a common set of norms and values. The Mafias lifestyle principles are directly opposed to those of the dominant society. The meaning the Mob affiliates has a behavior that serves to unite them at the same time, which separates...

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Italian Mafia

ITCS101 Research Paper The definition of Mafia is "a group of people of similar interests or backgrounds prominent in a particular field or enterprise" (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Mafia). The Mafia began as "a secret criminal society of Sicily or Italy" and eventually there was a "similarly conceived criminal organization in the United States" (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Mafia). There is no denying that the face of organized crime has changed throughout history. In...

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Mexican Mafia

Mexican Mafia There are many prison gangs in California. Just to name a few are the Aryan Brotherhood, La Nuestra Familia, and the gang of this essay, The Mexican Mafia. Most prison gang’s such as The Mexican Mafia were formed as a protection from other gangs and eventually became the first prison gang in California. To get to know how this gang became one of the most powerful prison gangs, I will discuss the history of the gang, the gang’s core beliefs and, how to identify gang members by...

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The Rise and Fall of the Italian Mafia

on glamorizing the Mafioso lifestyle, distracting from the true nature of organized crime. Over the past decade, the key opportunities have been utilized by the Italian Mafia, resulting in a powerful behind-the-scenes dominance over many aspects we may not expect. "It's gonna be a Cosa Nostra." "The Honored Society, or Mafia, as it was less often called, was a vast criminal brotherhood that had developed in Palermo and western Sicily independently of the Camorra of Naples." They developed...

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Random Mafia Research Notes

America Reference Library. Ed. Richard C. Hanes, et al. Vol. 1: Almanac, Volume 1. Detroit: UXL, 2005. 111-130. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 16 Jan. 2014. Las Vegas’s first gambling palace, The Flamingo, was opened on Dec. 26, 1946 with mafia money, lead by the imagination and organization of a NYC gangster named Bugsy Siegel Organized crime left Las Vegas in the 70’s because gangster’s sold their casinos to public corporations for millions since public corporations were made able to own...

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Family Life of the Mafia

Life for Women and Children in the Mafia The Mafia is an international organized crime group based in Italy. The Mafia started in Sicily and then moved to the United States of America. They are founded on rigid law and everyone has a specific role within the Mafia. Crimes such as murder, extortion, and racketeering allow for an expensive lifestyle for those in the Mafia without them having to put in any real work. Although given much luxury by the Mafia, wives and children of these men are caught...

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The Godfather Mario Puzo Biography! Mario Puzo was born in New York City, on October 15th, 1920. He was a famous Italian author and screenwriter, who wrote a number of popular novels about The Mafia. Throughout Puzo’s career/lifetime, he is best known and recognized for his publishing of the popular novel, The Godfather. Puzo was born into a poor family from Pietradefusi, Province of Avellino, Campania, Italy living in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York. He served...

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Japan Run Mafia Gangs

The Japanese mafia run the world? “The Japanese mafia who run the world. The Yakuza are the world's richest and most powerful gangsters. They control many of the big-name Japanese corporations that now have huge leverage in the major western economies. Nothing can be done to loosen the grip of the Yakuza on the world economy.”(http://www.conspiracybomb.com/azconspiracy.htm) The Yakuza, said to be the world’s most powerful gang, is also said to be the head of several gangs. The origins of the...

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The Movie Departed

characters personality in the movie. The movie “ The Departed” is a movie about Two Boston State police Officers that both share different opinions about the law. The two are Undercover in the State Police, the one happens to be working with the Irish Mafia (Matt Damon) and the other happens to be a real undercover police officer (Leonardo DiCaprio). Bloodshed and violence was made with the two organizations and both moles of each organization are there to discover ones identities. The two officers both...

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