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Topics: Columbine High School massacre, Crime, Murder / Pages: 3 (551 words) / Published: Apr 9th, 2014
In the 4th chapter Social construction of serial murders the author in my opinion is trying to show the reader how murders social lives and social behavior may have led them or created them into becoming killers. He is identifying how social construction relates to the process of becoming a serial murderer. I see the way he goes through all forms of social life from childhood difficulties to teenage problems and into the adult years. He seems to focus a lot more on childhood problems like sexual abuse and emotional abuse that lead to them lashing out for attention to them becoming killers as they grow older.

The author’s concept throughout the chapter is representing how social construction is tied to the creation and development of serial murders. He talks a lot about the child behavior and the away the child is treated while growing up he goes into detail about the way the parents treat the child, If he was beaten a lot, sexually abused, or if he was just not loved enough. He explains how other people may treat them as well as in school or people he knows closely. Whether they were poor or rich, if they were into criminal activity at a young age. If he was mistreated in these ways the author shows that there is a high probability that that may have been one of the factors that caused the child to grow up to commit the murders. The author also focuses a lot of attention on juvenile crime. He highlights school shooting, animal cruelty fire starters and Enuresis. He shows the relevance this has to people who have been classified as serial murders.

Eric Hickey’s writing style in Social Construction Of Serial Murders is very well written. He describes the thesis spot on from the start. He clearly highlights keep parts throughout the chapter with prime examples of what he is portraying. Example (Table 4.1 School Shooting in the United States, 1966-2011. Shows school shooting statistics) He also gives profiles to show actual events on the topic an example of this on the same topic is the columbine High school massacre. He gives tables and actual events giving clear evidence to get his points across. The chapter also entails many quotes from specialists and other books.

Chapter 4 was a well written section that expressed his opinion as long a specific evidence to back up his claims on the topic. The author stuck to his thesis throughout the writing with the social life and development of killers, he also made sure he covered all of his learning objectives that he listed at the beginning of the text. He used great examples to show me what he was trying to teach. I felt the chapter was significant in my eyes, I learned a great deal through his examples and his Profiles that he places throughout the chapter. The topic that really stuck was the school shooting, Juvenile murderers and the Columbine Massacre. He gave plenty of detail and key events to help understand and learn the objective. I learned a lot about the factors to school shooting, what may cause the students to lash out and commit such crimes and what the social lives of these killers had went through that led to the killings.

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