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Columbine High School Massacre

that has and always will be part of our human behavior. Individuals have a choice over violence and for some they are able to channel these feelings into a nondestructive outlet. Others, like the two students who shot twelve people in the Columbine High School Massacre, it exhibits a frightening lack of control. There are many influences and outside factors such as gaming, music and psychological processes that lead to violence. Violence is an option that one can choose and therefore is part of our individual...

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Columbine High School Massacre and Topic School Shooting

Class and school: 9.b Hellebækskolen Teachers name: Louise Jeppesen Main topic: Crime My topic: School shooting I've chosen this topic because: Personal interest It's a big problem I'll try to find the reason School shooting: Information about school shooting - What kind of people do it Columbine High School The gun law - The Second Amendment What could be the reason My own opinion - Relate to Denmark Sources: The book ”School shooting”...

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Analysis of Bowling for Columbine

Analysis of Bowling for Columbine Robin Bråthen 1st8 What causes the United States of America to have the highest rate of people being shot when other countries also allows guns? Michael Moore is a movie director maker, and is making documentaries. He wants to take us through his movie about the rare gun laws in the United States of America. The documentary is named: “Bowling for Columbine”. The documentary “bowling for Columbine” is a documentary about the much needed gun security in United...

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Comparing the Film Elephant, and the Columbine Massacre

Analysis The film Elephant, by Gus Van Sant is often compared to the events of the Columbine Massacre, however not directed connected, Van Sant has admitted it to be the topic behind it. Watching this as though it was a depiction of the event, I did not feel that it acted as a recount. I would compare the film to a badly plagiarized essay, all the details were correct, but some main points were nowhere to be found. I would also think that this movie was trying to stir up some more controversy...

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Rhetorical Analysis on High School

High school, the best times of our lives. But in every situation others don’t experience it as the time of their lives. In specific, the so called, “Loser, Nerds, Outcasts." Sometimes the perception that most high school movies convey for this certain group are the reality. In this article "High school confidential: Notes on teen movies" by David Denby, He describes the functions of an everyday American high school. David Denby uses very effective language and rhetoric to provide the minds of the...

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Bowling for Columbine

Bowling for columbine -speech- I’m here to talk about Michael Moore’s film ‘Bowling for Columbine’ and some of the techniques that are used in the film. Michael Moore uses persuasive film techniques to position the audience to accept his version of the truth. Some of the techniques used by Michael Moore to position the audience are editing, sequencing and music. He uses them by editing parts of the film to marginalize the NRA and gun owners. He sequences the film into a certain position to make...

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Sociology: Columbine High School Massacre and Youth Violence

interested in studying school violence. Describe how you might approach the study of this phenomenon as a functionalist, a conflict theorist and a symbolic interaction’. “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars... Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” Martin Luther King Jr. The problem we are facing today with violence in the schools is a major concern with communities everywhere. School violence has escalated from...

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School uniforms and viloence

In material terms, the clothes that children wore to school were predicated upon their class status (Brunsma n. pag.) . Late in 1980, Washington, D.C., mayor Marion Barry began discussing with his administration the possibility of a proposal of a standardized dress code for D.C.'s public schools. Prompted by incidents of violence in or near D.C. public schools, Barry figured that uniforms would help to remedy such situations. Not using the term "uniform," because it sounded too militaristic,...

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Columbine High School Shooting

April 20, 1999, two high school students by the names of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold carefully and maliciously planned a massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. They killed fifteen people, one being a teacher, and left twenty-three in need of hospitalization before finally turning their guns on themselves. This event influenced Elliot Aronson to write his book, Nobody Left To Hate, in hopes to educate people on why such travesties occur within our schools, and—most importantly—what...

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Media's Perception of the Columbine Shootings.

a film that provides a factual record or report. But how factual is a documentary, really? This presentation aims to investigate the persuasive devices used in Bowling For Columbine. This is a documentary by well known director Michael Moore, which uses a range of filming techniques to persuade the audience that the Columbine shootings were a result of so much fear, greed and consumerism in America. This is his extremely biased idea of the truth. In Michael Moore’s exposé style documentary he intentionally...

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