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know all robberies are felonies and with the use of weapons brings tougher penalties towards the crime committed by the individual. While all robberies are considered to be violent crimes certain states took the initiative to raise the punishment when a violator uses a weapon of choice to rob. This means the person that is robbing you is more at risk of serving a greater prison sentence if he is caught and convicted. For the most part, many people do not realize that 40% of all robberies that are...

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House Robbery

Kampung Desa until a gang of robbers had fled from a police station near the village recently. They were on the most wanted list by the police since they had harmed victims before. Ever since their getaway, there had been abundant of reports involving robbery occurring in Kampung Desa. Most victims were unable to identify the culprits because they were wearing masks. The villagers of Kampung Desa had been warned by the police to stay on guard at all times. The villagers were beginning to worry. Some...

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Variation in Sentencing with Armed Robbery

Variation in Sentencing with Armed Robbery Antwanette Billingsley St. Leo University 10/13/2011 There are many questions surrounding the sentencing process in the State of Georgia surrounding several crimes. Why is there a variation in the process depending on where the crime was committed, who committed it, who the victim was, how many cases are on back log? Why do we allow these factors to play a part in the decision making process? Serious violent crimes...

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I could not believe my eyes when I saw these foreign robbers who make an attempt to rob my kind neighbour sundry shop.They looked very strong and mean.Two of them,tall and dark-skin wearing masks and wanted to rob Mr.Samy's shop.It happened one evening when the sun was about to set, my mother asked to me to go and buy some onions and salts from a nearby sundry shop which is apparently my neighbour.The shop was managed by Mr Samy , a jovial middle-aged indian man with a huge pot-belly.His wife and...

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A Robbery

A robbery It was late in the evening , I had spent the whole day shopping at the mall. As I strolled along as secluded section at the mall, I felt exhausted after the long day. I did not notice a suspicious character clad in tinted glasses eyeing me carefully. I felt unsafe in the part of the mall so I decided to trust my instincts which told me to get out of the area. I was walking briskly out of the place when all of a sudden, the man with the tinted glasses grabbed my handbag which I had slung...

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Prison Term Policy Recommendation

sustain a bill that addresses a real concern, creates proper use of resources and effectively addresses the problem for which it was intended. It is known that victims of armed robberies want to see the offenders punished. It is noticeable that the public’s desire is to be safe and protected from being a victim of armed robbery. While on the other hand, the legislature must show caution in legislating across the board sentencing and defend discretion for the judicial system to consider the specific...

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Crime Scene

pending that may be collected at another date or time. The summary would to basically give the details of how he was initiated into the investigation. For an example: "At the request of Robbery Detective H. Granier, this writer was requested to respond to assist in processing the scene of an armed robbery involving 4 unknown masked subjects. Detective H. Granier’s preliminary investigation revealed that the subjects startled the victim as she returned home from shopping". For further details...

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Prison Term Proposal

maximum prison term for anyone convicted of armed robbery. My boss and other members of the legislature knows that this is a popular bill, but most question that if it would even do any good. I will advise to you any recommendations, reasons, how effective it could be and if it is a good bill overall. As you know the state legislature will be voting on a bill that will double the maximum prison time for an individual convicted of armed robbery. The reason for this proposal is too help give different...

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Elements That Make Up a Crime

then runs away with the laptop. The crime that Sarah committed was aggravated robbery which is defined as the use of, or exhibits or carries the weapon and threatens to use it (Criminal Defense Lawyer, 2013). A deadly weapon can be any item that can be used or threaten to do bodily harm such as a gun, knife, club. Under most state laws aggravated robbery carries a stiffer penalty (longer possible term) than simple robbery by merely taking by force or by the threat of force (Criminal Defense Lawyer...

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reported will help in determining which states and cities have a higher rate of crime. When a city has a higher crime rate they are able to keep it under control or try to by having more police in the area to lower these rates. The crime I chose was robbery and the two metropolitan areas would be the metropolitan divisions of Chicago. I am comparing this to the metropolitan divisions of Philadelphia. The rates in each of these areas do vary a lot and by comparing these rates will show which area has...

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