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Choose one of the formal sub disciplines of Medical Sociology in your text and explain how it has influenced the overall concept of health in the United States. Several decades medical sociology has became a big major sub discipline of sociology, at the same time assuming an increasingly conspicuous role in health care disciplines such as public health, health care management, clinical medicine, and nursing. Many courses and texts, rather than using the term sociology of medicine we can refer instead to the sociology of health, health and illness, health and care , health and healing, or health and medicine
The social-medical environment in the United States changed dramatically around the 1980s, this is when some threatening of autonomy and authority of physicians started. But federal government was still increasing the role in financing health care for the Medicare and Medicaid programs which were combined with a rapidly and escalating health care costs which caused the concern that was expressed by business, this caused the leads for a major federal policy shift.
So rather than having inequality to access and the ability of social factors in illness, public policy attention was placed on a cost control and a cost of effectiveness for care. With all things changing the NIMH support for the medical sociology got very weak, and not late afterwards, the NCHSR had become Agency for Health Care Policy and Research with a plan to research and have focus on having a managed health care with the evidence-based medicine.
Research funding priorities gravitated from the behavioral and social sciences to economics and clinical medicine and epidemiology. No doubt these changes contributed to critical claims in the late 1980s and the 1990s, that medical sociology research had become fragmented.
Medical sociology and environmental sociology had issues that often ripe for engaged scholarship because of there deep impact that

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