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why sociology is important to nursing

By zaykorisk Nov 07, 2013 549 Words
Sociology helps a nurse understand what makes people "tick" the same way psychology does. The only difference is that sociology does it from a "group" or "community" perspective. These are important because besides medical knowledge a nurse really needs to be kind, sympathetic and compassionate. Patients have families. The information gleaned by even a cursory study in those fields could contribute toward being a kinder, gentler, nurse.

In addition, there are currently many ethical questions in medicine which can be partially covered via the study of sociology. Today, nursing goes beyond focusing on disease and pathology I to incorporate a much wider definition of both ill health and personhood. Nurses are critically involved in making sense and giving purpose to life, illness and death. Sociology is engaged in the study of human societies. Sociologists are concerned with understanding society in a disciplined way Sociology confronts problems which are often subjects of major controversy in society, such as the relationship between social class and illness, the changing role of religion, the rising divorce rate and the changing nature of work. Sociological inquiry can illuminate and help make sense of the relationship between private troubles like illness, premature death, and lung cancer and public issues like tobacco advertising. Sociology can be of value to nurses to enable them to question the values and beliefs of their professional and the organizational context in which they work. We need to understand the social forces which shape and constrain our lives in order to change them.

Understanding people in general is very valuable. Consider this - a nurse has to ask about if a client is using illegal drugs. Not knowing can cause the dr to prescribe incorrectly. But how can you ask to get an honest answer? Knowing how people (not the one person) thinks can lead to understanding how to phrase the question. Also understanding cultural differences is highly important for too many reasons to go into here. Nurses work with people, and they need to understand them. The respondent who said - no importance is clearly uninformed.


1. It is necessary for a nurse to have knowledge of sociology, so that He/She can learn and understand the human nature society and social institution. He/She can be a good and successful nurse, when she/he knows Her/him Surrounding and know how to deal with people individually and in groups. 2. The nurse is a first person who deals with the patients in emergency. If a nurse has knowledge of sociology and she/he will help her in dealing her patients in emergencies, who are usually under stress and shock. She/he will take prompt decision, and tackling them. 3. A trained nurse can help patients who are irritated during illness psychologically and help them to get over and recovery from illness. 4. A nurse who has knowledge about rituals and customs of different peoples can handle patients who are superstitious have to take medicines and they believe more in which doctors and quacks. 5. As our country biggest drawbacks is illiteracy. A nurse can educate people about clean less, balance diet and also guide mother and child health and vaccination. 6. The knowledge of sociology can help nurse in a number of ways that also help in improving in society.

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