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Topics: United Kingdom, United States, Human rights, Appeal, Education, Race / Pages: 2 (356 words) / Published: Sep 27th, 2013
Are You proud of your country? I am very proud of my country. I am very lucky to be living in these United States. We have many rights and freedoms. We are all equal here. We are all lucky to have all the privileges and rights that we do have. We have freedom of speech. This means we can say and act however we feel whenever we want. In some countries, you are not allowed to. We also have freedom of the press. Our printing press can inform us in all the news that's going on around the world. Some countries don't know anything that's going on. Thankfully, we do. We have the freedom to carry weapons, which is great because I am a hunter myself. Some countries would have you arrested for having any sort of weapon. We also have many choices. Some countries don't have any choices. We can chose what we want to eat and what to wear. We can chose who we marry, too. In some places you are assigned to marry someone at a very young age. We are all equal, which makes this country great. A long time ago black people were discriminated against and white people were superior. Now we are all equal and have the same rights and laws. We also are all educationally equal. We all finish twelve years of education. Some countries don't allow you to go to school if you don't have the money. Luckily we all have the right to education. In fact it is the law that we go to school. Our freedoms and rights are just some of the great qualities our country has. We have a lot of rights such as, having a full trial before you are proven guilty. Stating that you cannot be put into jail before you are proven guilty with a full court trial. I am very lucky, as well as all of the citizens of the United states, to have all of these very important rights. We are also very fortunate to be living in this country. I am proud to live in the United States.

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