Serial Killers and the Media

Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Law enforcement agency, Murder Pages: 4 (1163 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Serial Killers and the Media
Maureen McCollom
Kaplan University

Deviance and Violence
Professor Major
March 26, 2013
Serial murders are not just part of the United States they also happen globally. There are many investigative tools that are used when working a serial murder case and we will discuss some of those. We will also discuss the problems with the media when it comes to serial murders. We will also talk about how the criticism of the public and media can affect serial murder cases.

The crime of serial murder is not just one that in the United States it is a problem that happens globally. In the US we have the help of the Behavioral Analysis Unit as well as the FBI when working a case in any jurisdiction. To help law enforcement and investigators learn new techniques on how to solve these crimes a symposium was held for two days in 2008 to teach them new techniques. In attendance at this conference were mental health experts, scholars, media experts who have been studying serial murders for yeas and investigators in law enforcement field. The conference was held at INTERPOL headquarters, there were delegates from thirty-seven different countries in attendance at the conference.

When working on a serial murder there needs to be more cooperation with other countries when working the cases. While most serial murders will stay within their comfort zone or home town, some will travel from place to place as well as out of the country to commit their crimes. When working on those types of cases it can be very hard with customs, jurisdictions as well as differences in country and jurisdiction government issues. Serial murders in every culture are viewed differently. The motive as well as methods is different in each culture. The profiles created by the United States law enforcement is often contradicted by the law enforcement in other countries (Hickey, 2006)

During the symposium all that were in attendance did agree on some...

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