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Unit 4 Assignment 1 Btec

By SagerAnroedh1 Apr 16, 2013 2181 Words
Oil to the machine
Unit 4

Oil to the machine
Unit 4

By: Sager Anroedh
International Business Studies
By: Sager Anroedh
International Business Studies

Unit 4: Oil To The Machine

Assignment 1/Task 1/ P1
There are many ways to communicate, therefor I made a clean table to discuss the differences ways to communicate. But every way to communicate has his own advantages and disadvantages those will be discussed as well. For this assignment I used ‘Scotch & Soda’ as business to give you examples to show you how these ways for communication are used.

Scotch & Soda loves to make great clothes that suit every individual. They want people to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them. Scotch & Soda products are rich in detail, high quality and affordable. It’s a brand from Amsterdam (The Netherlands.)

1. Oral communication
Oral communication is communication through mouth. It includes individuals conversing with each other, be it direct conversation or telephonic conversation. Speeches, presentations, discussions are all forms of oral communication.

* Oral communication is not only time saving, but it also can save money and efforts. * Oral communication can be best used to transfer private and confidential information. * The feedback is directly given in case of oral communication, therefore decisions can be made quickly without any delay. Disadvantages:

* Relying only on oral communication may not be sufficient as business communication is formal and very organized * Oral communications are not always easy to understand, which can cause problems * Noise can distract oral communication, which also can cause problems.

Scotch & Soda
Scotch & Soda has his own way for oral communication. They are using advisers in the store these advisers give their costumers advice about their products. Advantages| Disadvantages|
costumers can be helped directly| Customers are feeling stalked| You can hear people their preferences| You need to hire specialists| it can be effecting people their buying behavior| Customers don’t always want to be helped|

When you want to work for Scotch & Soda, you need to be interviewed, this is also an example for oral communication. Advantages| Disadvantages|
You can actually the person who’s applying| You need to make time for this conversation| you can discuss things what can safe effort| There can be miscommunication between you two| you can ask right ahead when you’re forgetting something| You need effective speaking skills|

As every other company, Scotch & Soda have meetings, and meetings are all oral. Advantages| Disadvantages|
You can talk to a team instead of talking to one person| You can be interrupted quickly| You can repeat yourself if you need too.| You need to keep your emotions| decisions can be made quickly without any delay| You need to have speaking skills|

2. Written communication
Written communication has great significance in today’s business world. Effective writing involves careful choice of words. Also, writing is more valid and reliable than speech. But while speech is spontaneous, writing causes delay and takes time as feedback is not immediate. *note: this includes all kind of written communication, things as e-mail aren’t really written by hand so these aren’t counting.

* It can be used as evidence
* Written communication is more explicit
* Effective written communication develops an image
* It is a permanent means of communication
* Responsibilities on the grounds of speech as it can be taken back by the speaker or he may refuse to agree, and this can’t happen when it’s all on paper.

* Too much paper work is involved and that costs money
* Effective written communication requires great skills and competencies in language and vocabulary use. Poor writing skills and quality have a negative impact on the reputation. * Writing is impersonal, which can be a disadvantage

* You need to wait for response.

Scotch & Soda
Every company uses written communication, this might be not related to the costumers and the staff but more between the employees.

Whenever they start with working at Scotch & Soda there is a note that tells you what to do that day. This is a way to communicate through writing. Advantages| Disadvantages|
It’s easy because you know what to do| You can lose the note| It can be an easy tool to do the planning | They are close to the letter and might ignore the other work| You can change things when needed| Bad handwriting can make it hard for them to do their job|

When you go the Scotch & Soda and you want to buy something, they ask you if you want to sign up for their newsletter, thee information needs to be filled in with pen, this is also a way of communication. (I’m getting back on this part later) Advantages| Disadvantages|

You can get in touch with your costumers| You have to deal with other people their privacy| you’re improving your skills| People might think it’s overrated and that will lead to mixed feelings| | You have to make sure you use the information good.|

When you’re approved to work at Scotch & Soda you need to sign contract which tells you what you can and can’t do. Advantages| Disadvantages|
It’s binding between you and your employer| You can’t change it easy| everything is on black and white| You need to keep you on your contract| you can always check if you need some information| It’s impersonal, but|

Electronic communication
Electronic communications improve efficiency and productivity, but poorly written emails can cause internal strife and loss of clients. Effective electronic communication will enhance internal communications as well as external communications. This is a unique way of communication because it’s more online. You can say that it’s a time saver, some will say that this way of communication is taking too much time. Good examples of electronic communications are, the ones we use the most: e-mail, telephone (calling, texting) and Fax. The newer ones are: Facebook, Twitter, Skype ect. More social media. But what has this to do with business?

* Reaches a large audience
* Diversified to fit many different audiences
* Carries many options which can allow the viewer a choice * Efficient and can quickly spread information
* Some people can can’t effort electronic
* People can be old fashion and does not use electronic
* Malfunction
* Privacy plays a big role in this kind of communication

As you can see there are many ways to use this kind of communication, this is my favorite because you can pick bigger target groups and it’s easy to do.

Scotch & Soda
Scotch & Soda isn’t a really famous brand, but still they are using ways to communicate through electronic. They have often a coupon code on twitter, which allow you to shop the new collection earlier than it comes out and it sometimes gives you discount (not that much though) Advantages| Disadvantages|

You allow people to come shop in a special way| Twitter can have a malfunction which shuts down your promotion | you can get a big group to come because it can hit many retweets| People might fake the code| This is a great way to promote the new collection| Not everyone knows when you’re doing a pre-sale| Scotch & Soda is also using the newsletter online, you can sign up in the store or on their website. This way you can let your customers know important stuff. Advantages| Disadvantages|

Since it’s via e-mail, it’s written by more people| Not everyone reads their email | it’s giving the costumer access | e-mail can be impersonal because it’s a standard mail| This is a great way to promote the new collection| Not everyone knows when you’re doing a pre-sale| And off course their website is also a way to communicate, the website might be their best way off communication because you can buy clothes online and I believe when you’re a victim of communication on the internet you’re buying it faster on the internet than somewhere else. Advantages| Disadvantages|

Internet is the new reality| People might think that it’s dangerous to buy online | Webshops are getting more populair since the socitiy is getting lazier| When the internet shuts down, it’s over| YOu can improve your sales records by improving promotion only on the website| |

Multimedia communication
This is simple way communication through multimedia, this is an every popular but expensive way to communicate to your costumers examples; T.V., Radio, Magazines, Billboards. This way of communication is actually more used by bigger companies, probably because it’s expensive. But I think that this might be the best way to communicate, the multimedia is getting bigger every day and we all use them, so I think invest in these way of communication is a good thing. There are a couple of advantages and disadvantages to using multimedia in communication. I’m only going to a list a few important ones below. Advantage:

* It can be used for a wide variety of audiences, ranging from one person to a whole group. * Visual / Interactive
* It is very user-friendly. It doesn’t take much energy out of the user, in the sense that you can sit and watch the presentation, you can read the text and hear the audio. * It is flexible. Being digital, this media can easily be changed to fit different situations and audiences.

* Information overload. Because it is so easy to use, it can contain too much information at once. * It’s expensive
* It takes time to compile. Even though it is flexible, it takes time to put the original draft together. (Which costs money as well) * It can be misleading you (with for instance, colors)
* You get really fast annoyed by watching them over again

Overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and television is a very effective tool in spreading information and entertainment to a large and diversified audience.

Scotch & Soda
Scotch and soda are using a lot of this kind of communication, but it’s not really notable. Scotch & Soda are often in magazines like Vogue and more Dutch magazines like Jackie, RED etc. But this is a different way of communicating. They are trying communicate to a selected group. Advantages| Disadvantages|

You can focus on for instance; mens clothes| You’re combined with other brands which can cost you costumers | people can watch it as long as they want| Magazines aren’t that cheap anymore| You can repeat your design multiple time| They’re can be a problem what can change your design| Scotch & Soda are also using posters for communication for instance, in the Bijenkorf (Dutch department store) they have posters and even sell the clothes there. The reason for this that they fit in the image that the Bijenkorf got. Advantages| Disadvantages|

YOu can make short quotes what can be easy to remember| People don’t always see them| you can put posters down everywhere you want| It’s expensive| it’s a easy way to promote| You can brainwash people with the same posters everywhere|

Signs and Body language
Did you know that body language accounts for over 90% of a conversation?! Body language can be used to help condct an interview, give a presentation or just a speech. Body language is the reason why selling face-to-face has a huge advantage over selling by phone. Usually when we communicate with or see people, we only respond to what is being said, heard or seen. There is so much more involved and most of us do not pick up on it that it’s our body language and it can express so many words. Our body language will give others an impression. Our body language is an important aspect of running a successful business as we cannot always say what we really feel. This means we have to act positive in negative. When someone talks to you, do they look directly at you or look away? Maintaining eye contact when talking (or listening) to someone gives an impression that you are confident and honest. Making little eye contact can say that the other person doesn’t like you, is nervous or shy.

Sign Communication
When you walk into a store, you see signs everywhere. You just know what they mean. For instance, when you’re driving, you know what all the traffic signs says? Well that’s also the same communication that I’m talking about. Advantages:

* Easy to understand
* Short but strong
* People might ignore them

Scotch & Soda
Scotch & Soda are using these as well.
In the store you find things as the no food allowed inside signs, the house rules and you’ll see the ‘size’ board with sizes. Why are they using them? When you as costumer walk into a store, you have to be beware of these signs. When you in the store and watching at the body signs of the employers it will make clear that they always smile and give you an open and free sign. These signs mean that you ask what you want, whenever you want. But you’ll see that there’s a couple of costumers that don’t want to get helped at all and will be walking in the store with their faces down. This is a closed sign.

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