Unit 21- M3 D2

Topics: Health care, Health, Epidemiology Pages: 5 (2163 words) Published: February 25, 2014
There are many different challenges which were faced within the 19th century and the 20th century however as time went on we are able to develop and gain knowledge and understanding about health and diseases and illnesses. During the 19th century there were many great men such as John Snow and John Simon who helped save lives of many different people by understanding how diseases are spread and how sanitation is important. On the other hand during the 21th century the public health changed and individuals are now affected by obesity and other health problems. It was very important that in the 19th century the poor law act was put in place this was due to the fact there were a lot of individuals who were extremely poor and couldn’t provide for themselves. The poor law act gave the individuals a chance to live even though most of the time individuals had to go to a workhouse they had to work for food and shelter the individuals, even when family were poor when they went to the working house they had to be separated to do different jobs, this was still rewarding after as they were given food and shelter. This act was incredibly important due to the fact that it give the individuals a chance to live and even though the conditions within the work house was horrendous it still shelter and they were given food to eat. The poor law act was important because it saved many individuals lives. During the 19th century a John Snow faced a challenge of finding out about how individual were falling ill and die, the individuals who were dying were dying of cholera. John snow was able to document individuals who were diagnosed with cholera, whilst he documented them he realised that most of the cholera patients got their water supply from one pump on board street. When John snow spoke to the cholera victims they all confirmed that they had used the pump. John Snow made people realise that the infectious disease was coming from the pumps he then had the handle, he then removed the handle of the pump. This was very important because john snow was able to find out what was causing all these people to fall in and die. It was also important because it was the first step of developing their knowledge and understanding about diseases and how they can be caught. If it wasn’t because of John snow many lives would have been lost because the individuals would have still used the same water supply and this would have caused them to have cholera and die. Due to the outbreak of cholera and the poor housing and unclean water supply within the 19th century the government were forced to act and had to pass the first national health act. This was very important because individuals were able to get help if they had any diseases or illnesses. Edwin Chadwick believed that the reason of this situation was because of economics and wrote a book about it. More money was spent on the public health. It was incredibly important that the first national health act was passed due to the fact that individuals were getting advice, treatment and medication which would help the individual live longer as the average death age during the 19th century was the early/ mid 30’s however by the first health act being put in place individuals were able to get the help they need so that they could make their health better and live for longer. John Simon was an important man in the 19th century he was the third public founder of the public health. He help the several towns build their own first sewage system and this was done through the 1850-1860’s. During the early 19th century sanitation was very low individual were incredibly unhygienic and human waste was disposed within the streets and other areas. Even though they thought this was harmless and completely normal the individuals didn’t understand the effect it could have on their health if they were not hygienic. John Simons work was very important due to the fact it gave individuals knowledge and understands why people...
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