UNIT 14 P5 M3 D2

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P5, M3 & D2:
Different care strategies can be used to support a person that has MS and type 1 diabetes An MS diagnosis can mean changes to your working life. Many people continue to work for years after being diagnosed, while others find that MS symptoms make their job difficult. Susan Kennedy is awarded ESA benefit to help cope with bills and other necessities due to help illness and not being able to physically provide. But there are many people who continue to work, or alter their working patterns or job to suit their needs. The MS Society can give grants towards items you may need as a result of your MS, if there is no health or social services funding available. They can also advise you of other sources of funding. The MS Society’s new Short Breaks and Activities fund enables people affected by MS to access the sort of break they choose. Everyone with MS is covered under the Equality Act and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This means that it's against the law for an employer, or potential employer, to treat you less favorably or discriminate against you because of your MS. In England and Wales, if you feel you've been discriminated against, you can contact the Disability Law Service (DLS) for free advice on your rights. If you live in England, Scotland or Wales the Equality Advisory & Support Service (EASS) provides information, advice and support on all types of discrimination. Support:

Reasonable adjustments:
Under the Equality Act, if you ask your employer to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ so you can keep doing your job, they are required to do so. What these adjustments are depends on your own situation, and what is considered ‘reasonable’ by both you and your employer. Reasonable adjustments could include:

Flexible or altered working hours, to help you with attending hospital appointments, or increased travelling time More regular breaks
Moving your desk to a more accessible area of the office
A car parking space by your nearest entrance to work
A workstation assessment – simple things like adjusting screen brightness on computers can help The option to work from home
Help with the cost of adjustments: If you or your employer is worried about the costs of making adjustments, take a look at ‘Access to Work’. This is a government funded scheme which can help pay for the equipment or support you need. It can also contribute to the cost of getting to work if you can’t use trains or buses, and for a communicator at job interviews if you need one. There is more information about Access to Work on the GOV.UK website. Also the individual can also speak to a Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) at your local Job Centre Plus. There are benevolent funds for some professions and industries. They can help pay for things like equipment, retraining and even counselling. The Turn2Us website has details of benevolent funds, and other organizations that give grants. Emotional support:

Living with MS brings up certain challenges, whether you've just been diagnosed or have lived with the condition for some time. For some people, being diagnosed with MS can be overwhelming, frightening, and distressing. For others it can be a relief, especially if they've had symptoms which couldn't be explained. Others might shut down emotionally. Getting the diagnosis could raise as many new questions as it answers, and reactions will vary from person to person and over time. Some people may be different in the way they react and some people may take a long to adjust themselves to them having it. MS may mean you have to make changes over time, but you are the same person you have always been. Some individuals may feel that they are different because of the diseases that can be true to some extent but you are still you as a human being.

Discuss the care strategies that can be used to support individuals with each of the physiological disorders: Care strategies need to be reviewed regularly over a period of time this...
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