Unit 201 H and S C

Topics: UCI race classifications, Nonverbal communication, Tour de Georgia Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Unit 201 Principles of communication in adult social care settings: 1.1- People communicate to pass on information to other staff members. 1.2- Effective communication effects all aspects of working in adult social care because without effective communication people could repeat mistakes which have previously been made or they may do something bad which could be prevented by communication. 1.3- It is important to observe individuals reactions t communication because it may help you see whether they are listening and understanding what you are saying and how they are feeling about what you have said. 2.1- It is important to understand a individuals communication and language needs, wishes and preferences because in order to communicate effectively you may need to alter the way in which you communicate so they better understand you, for example if they are not understanding verbal communication you could try speaking slower and more clearly or even use pictures or prompt cards. 2.2- A range of communication methods would be as follows: Verbal, E-mail, Phone call, Brail, Sign language, written note, pictures, objects, eye contact, body language. 3.1- Barriers in communication could be if the person is deaf, if the person is non verbal or doesn’t speak your language/accents, physical barriers for example talking through to another room (through walls), ambient noise levels. 3.2- you can reduce these barriers by going and standing face to face with people, using slow/clear language, using pictures, prompt cards and objects of reference, moving to a quiet area. 3.3- You could check that your communication has been understood by verbally asking “do you understand? Say yes or nod your head” Look for a response. (positive or negative) 3.4- sources of information, support and services that make communication more effective would be like a translation service, Advocacy, Linguistic tone and pitch of your voice. 4.1- confidentiality is the state of...
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