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Ashley Simons "Secrecy and a free, democratic government don't mix," President Harry Truman once said. Harry Truman understood the importance of an open government in a free society. Unfortunately, George W. Bush has a different outlook. From the first days of his administration, President Bush has taken steps to tighten the government's hold on information and limit public scrutiny of its activities. Expansive assertions of executive privilege, restrictive views of the Freedom of Information...

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The Theme of Secrecy in Twelfth Night

Secrecy is an important element in any plot. It creates irony and sometimes situational comedy. The way in which a character keeps or reveals a secret affects the plot and adds to the main theme of the work. Viola, a character in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, must keep the secret of her true identity. The play uses secrecy as an important element of the plot by creating irony, situational comedy, and tension, as well as affecting the plot and contributing to the overall meaning of the play. The...

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Literary Essay

no choice to lie to Mr. Desmond because he would have not let her act if she found out she was a girl. Mr. Desmond would have put her on backstage with his wife Mrs. Desmond. Considering all the points that were shown throughout the book on Kits secrecy and true identity, it’s safe to say that she is the best spy in Cumberland. In conclusion, courageous and secretive are just two of the many words to describe Katherine Russel, which shows she is the best spy in Cumberland. Through the acts and demonstrations...

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Synopsis -Video Steganography

it with cryptography. INTRODUCTION : Since the rise of the Internet one of the most important factors of information technology and communication has been the security of information. Cryptography was created as a technique for securing the secrecy of communication and many different methods have been developed to encrypt and decrypt data in order to keep the message secret. Unfortunately it is sometimes not enough to keep the contents of a message secret, it may also be necessary to keep the...

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Transparency in Our Government

Transparency in Our Government Government secrecy has occurred over time from the 1960’s to the present. Government secrecy is harmful to all citizens in the United States because it has been a reoccurring theme for a far too long time, citizens have the right to know the information the government is withholding about their country, and be aware of the choices our government is making to fix this problem. Since the Cold War the lack of transparency in our government has effected the population...

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John Wade Character Analysis

while she knew about it. “Kathy dumped on the onions. She seemed nervous, as if she were aware of Certain truths but could not bear to know what she knew, which was in the Nature of their love.” (O’Brien 74) John and Kathy’s love was based on secrecy. Communication was discoursed by both of them when ever the other tried to come clean, as to suggest the truth was too much to handle. Kathy hated politics and seemingly wanted John to lose. She knew about the spying and secretly kept a grudge for...

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A Doll's House Character Analysis

secret which she had concealed for eight long years is consequently revealed to Torvald through the medium of the letters sent by Krogstad. The revelation of her secret changes the course of her life and her destiny .Though she had taken refuge in secrecy for a good cause yet the divulging of the secret in the appropriate moment not only gets her purpose defeated but at the sometime makes her a accused in the eyes of her dubious husband. The safe secret that Nora had concealed for so long had a dramatic...

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Children of the Sea Critical Essay

than speaking also symbolizes their political oppression, since their separation is caused by their inability to speak freely in Haiti. The exchange of ideas must be secretive. The Haitians understand this and break their code of silence only when secrecy loses its power to affect change. The mother tells her daughter "sometimes you have to choose between your father and the man you love" after the young man has gone into exile. Conversely, Madan Roger holds on to her secret and never reveals the names...

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The Jade Pendant

Khoo family. After so many years in Mrs. Khoo’s shadow who looks down on Ah Soh and her daughter, Ah Soh plans her revenge. She ensures her revenge is complete by taking the necessary steps of secrecy, prominence and association. First, Ah Soh makes sure that her plans are carried out in complete secrecy. For example, in Ah Soh's first appearance in the story, she is conveniently sweeping in front of Mrs. Khoo's door where Mrs. Khoo is showing the Jade Pendant to Lian Kim's fiancé. Ah Soh is, in...

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A Lesson Before Dying

used all the force I could to pry open the tightly closed lid on the pickle jar. She spied on the girl through the window. 10. Stealth, noun The act of moving, proceeding, or acting in a covert or secretive way The girl moved in a stealth way. Secrecy 11. Stutter, verb To speak or utter with a spasmodic repetition or prolongation of sounds I know when my sister is lying because she starts to stutter. She stumbled over her words. 12. Tyrant, noun An absolute ruler who governs without restrictions ...

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