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This essay will discuss the need for confidentiality and the nurse’s duty to keep information he/she is privy to, confidential. Brown et al (1992) suggest that a duty of confidentiality can be described as information that is disclosed which ought not to be disclosed further except within the relevant limits. Confidentiality is generally defined as the process of the protection of personal information, and is regarded as an integral part of a nurse’s role. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)...

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Doctrine of Confidentiality

What is the nature and extent of the employee’s duty of confidentiality? Introduction In every business enterprise, there is certain information that employer’s wish to remain confidential. This is particular vital in the global era where there is lower job security, higher job mobility and situations where employees work multiple jobs. Employees are bound by the duty of confidentiality, where they are forbidden to disclose certain information obtained during the course of employment. The...

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Confidentiality and Information

Confidentiality 1) Confidentiality means that whatever information you hold on someone must not be shared with others. Information must be kept safe and private. You can only pass on information about someone if they have given their consent. 2) The Data Protection Act 1998 & 2003 is mandatory and has eight principles. These principles dictate how information is to be handled. Information should only be used for the use it was intended, it must not be given to anyone else without...

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Attorney-Client Confidentiality

attorney/client communications. Although it seems like this is a positive thing and most of the time it is, it can also lead to a major problem for lawyers because similar to psychologists they must ask themselves when is it necessary to break this confidentiality. As a lawyer you work in very close quarters with your clients as they trust you with their personal information and in many cases, their freedom. It would be unethical to take advantage of their trust however; there are some exceptions to the...

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Unit 1 Confidentiality

Legislation and Policies Governing Confidentiality and the Sharing of Information: Data Protection Act 1998 Any organisation that holds information on individuals needs to be registered with the Information Commissioner. This is designed to ensure that confidential information cannot be passed onto others without the individual’s consent, or the parents or guardians consent with regard to children. Individuals also have the right to access personal data held on file about themselves, or in...

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Confidentiality in an Early Years Setting

4.1 Explain the meaning of the term ‘confidentialityConfidentiality as defined by Tassoni et al (2010) “is about respecting other people’s rights to privacy and keeping safe the information that they have provided” Confidentiality is very important in any organisation since it is the basis of trust between a number of parties. Respecting this trust is vital and information must be handled, exchanged and stored (including both print and electronic information) in an appropriate way so that...

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Counseling Confidentiality Case Study

1.Research counseling confidentiality and ethics statements/guidelines given to clients. Craft one that you would give to new clients. Why did you include what you did? Submit your finished document with a summary of your choices in the online classroom. “Counselor confidentiality is a term used to describe the responsibility of a therapist or counselor to hold any proprietary or personal information supplied by a patient in the strictest of confidence” (wisegeek.com). New clients arriving at my...

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nvq 2 diploma confidentiality

destruction or damage to personal data, legal requirements for the storage of electronic and manual data and access to secure information; issues relating to the legal requirements for sharing information eg freedom of information, principles of confidentiality, agreed ways of inter-agency and multi-agency/integrated working. 2 Be able to implement good practice in handling information Good practice in handling information: understanding the features of both manual and electronic information storage...

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Confidentiality - Nursing Law

NU4028 ETHICS CONFIDENTIALITY (Dooley & McCarthy=DM 2012) I answered following layout from revision sheet A)Explain principle of confidentiality (you must also apply to case in exam question) Confidentiality places an obligation on nurses. Nurses must respect confidences that patients share Nurses must keep confident any information about patient from other parties(Mills 2002) Confidential information is defined as any private information understood not to be shared with a 3rd party(DM...

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The Importance of Confidentiality in the Medical Field

 The Importance of Confidentiality in the Medical Field Most jobs have a confidentiality policy. In the medical field, confidentiality is extremely important. If the wrong person were to gain access to someone’s medical records, they could use that against them. It can potentially harm that person’s personal life. Keeping a patient’s information and medical records confidential is a must. The importance of confidentiality stressed in HIPAA and HITECH act protects the integrity of...

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