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This essay will discuss the need for confidentiality and the nurse’s duty to keep information he/she is privy to, confidential. Brown et al (1992) suggest that a duty of confidentiality can be described as information that is disclosed which ought not to be disclosed further except within the relevant limits. Confidentiality is generally defined as the process of the protection of personal information, and is regarded as an integral part of a nurse’s role. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)...

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Confidentiality in Counselling

DENISE AMPS November 2006 Essay on ‘ConfidentialityCONFIDENTIALITY IN COUNSELLING Confidentiality in counselling means, to me, providing a secure, trusting relationship with a client who knows that, within certain limits, he or she can speak to you about anything at all in the knowledge that whatever has been said will go no further. It is an intrinsic and imperative part of the trust that is required to develop a good working relationship between a counsellor and their client. ...

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Doctrine of Confidentiality

What is the nature and extent of the employee’s duty of confidentiality? Introduction In every business enterprise, there is certain information that employer’s wish to remain confidential. This is particular vital in the global era where there is lower job security, higher job mobility and situations where employees work multiple jobs. Employees are bound by the duty of confidentiality, where they are forbidden to disclose certain information obtained during the course of employment. The...

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Confidentiality and Information

Confidentiality 1) Confidentiality means that whatever information you hold on someone must not be shared with others. Information must be kept safe and private. You can only pass on information about someone if they have given their consent. 2) The Data Protection Act 1998 & 2003 is mandatory and has eight principles. These principles dictate how information is to be handled. Information should only be used for the use it was intended, it must not be given to anyone else without...

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Attorney-Client Confidentiality

attorney/client communications. Although it seems like this is a positive thing and most of the time it is, it can also lead to a major problem for lawyers because similar to psychologists they must ask themselves when is it necessary to break this confidentiality. As a lawyer you work in very close quarters with your clients as they trust you with their personal information and in many cases, their freedom. It would be unethical to take advantage of their trust however; there are some exceptions to the...

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Unit 1 Confidentiality

Legislation and Policies Governing Confidentiality and the Sharing of Information: Data Protection Act 1998 Any organisation that holds information on individuals needs to be registered with the Information Commissioner. This is designed to ensure that confidential information cannot be passed onto others without the individual’s consent, or the parents or guardians consent with regard to children. Individuals also have the right to access personal data held on file about themselves, or in...

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nvq 2 diploma confidentiality

destruction or damage to personal data, legal requirements for the storage of electronic and manual data and access to secure information; issues relating to the legal requirements for sharing information eg freedom of information, principles of confidentiality, agreed ways of inter-agency and multi-agency/integrated working. 2 Be able to implement good practice in handling information Good practice in handling information: understanding the features of both manual and electronic information storage...

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Confidentiality - Nursing Law

NU4028 ETHICS CONFIDENTIALITY (Dooley & McCarthy=DM 2012) I answered following layout from revision sheet A)Explain principle of confidentiality (you must also apply to case in exam question) Confidentiality places an obligation on nurses. Nurses must respect confidences that patients share Nurses must keep confident any information about patient from other parties(Mills 2002) Confidential information is defined as any private information understood not to be shared with a 3rd party(DM...

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Confidentiality in Nursing Practice

The Importance of Confidentiality in Nursing Practice This essay will discuss why confidentiality is important within nursing practice and the reasons why a registered nurse and student nurse are accountable and to whom they are accountable to in relation to patient care. It will further discuss patient’s rights in relation to law. Definition of Confidentiality, Bailliere’s Dictionary...

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Confidentiality And Information Sharing

 Confidentiality & Information Sharing:  Much has been written about both the importance of confidentiality and information sharing, and people are often confused by what is meant. It can also be confusing trying to decided what it is ok to share and in what circumstances. Starting right It is helpful to start any professional relationship by telling people what you mean by confidentiality, and in what circumstance you might need to share information with colleagues or those outside of the...

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The Importance of Confidentiality in the Medical Field

 The Importance of Confidentiality in the Medical Field Most jobs have a confidentiality policy. In the medical field, confidentiality is extremely important. If the wrong person were to gain access to someone’s medical records, they could use that against them. It can potentially harm that person’s personal life. Keeping a patient’s information and medical records confidential is a must. The importance of confidentiality stressed in HIPAA and HITECH act protects the integrity of...

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Confidentiality And Workplace Ethics

Confidentiality and Workplace Ethics Confidentiality at the workplace is very important. Virtually all workplaces have information that needs to be kept confidential due to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. As a co-op student, you need to be very careful not to share any confidential information with your friends or family. The laws and regulations that support confidentiality come from our collective desire to protect the rights of the individual within our society. The desire to do what...

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The Importance of Confidentiality and Data Protection

information may of been picked up from the children themselves, or told directly to the childminder from the parents, or other professionals such as teachers, providing the parents have given them consent to do so. The upmost crucial characteristic of confidentiality is not passing on or sharing information about either the child or their families with other people. All information that you may have on a child must be treated as confidential and it must only be shared between yourself, the child and...

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Confidentiality and Data Protection Act

Confidentiality 1. Confidentiality is paramount when working with parents and children, and when dealing with sensitive issues. Confidentiality means not sharing information that is given to you without consent. Confidentiality is important because parents need to be able to trust us as practitioners to keep their information private. Confidentiality of any individuals who deal with the nursery is to be respected at all times, however if a child is believed to be at risk or has been harmed...

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Security Privacy Confidentiality of Health Information in the Philippines

SECURITY, PRIVACY, AND CONFIDENTIALITY (SPC) OF HEALTH INFORMATION IN THE PHILIPPINES DEFINITION OF TERMS Due to the special nature of health information, the legal and technical aspects of the concepts of security, privacy, and confidentiality (SPC) have a particular meaning in the context of healthcare. Privacy is the right of an individual to limit access to others to some aspect of their person. A more specific type of privacy is informational privacy (which is the notion of privacy we are...

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How Important Is It to Maintain Confidentiality in a Childcare Setting?

How important is it to maintain confidentiality in a childcare setting? When in a childcare setting it is vital to maintain confidentiality in different areas not just for the Child’s welfare but the families as well! Confidential information must not be shared outside of the setting E.G family or friends. The following examples are to be kept confidential; enrolment forms, family’s health insurance information, health screenings and records, including immunization records, emergency contact information...

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Confidentiality Confidentiality is very important while working in a child’s workforce. Some information that concerns you needs to be shared but only with your super visor or maybe a parent or carer. Other information needs to be strictly confidential. The only necessary information to be shared within all staff and not just your super visor is food allergies, personal arrangements etc. For example, if a parent comes to you for some advice or a gossip about her having an argument with her other...

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Care Value Base

appropriate for them as an individual. The care value base offers guidance, and sets standards, in three main areas of health and social care: ➢ Fostering equality and diversity ➢ Fostering people's rights and responsibilities ➢ Maintaining confidentiality of information Fostering equality and diversity This means recognising and supporting people's individual needs. It involves: ➢ Giving everyone the same quality of care and support This does not mean treating everyone in the same...

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Describe the Potential Tension Between Maintaining an Individuals Confidentiality and Disclosing Concerns

Unit 51 Outcome 4 Question 3 Describe the potential tension between maintaining an individual’s confidentiality and disclosing concerns. • Where abuse of a child or young person is suspected All settings should have a designated person to deal with child protection issues. If you have concerns that a child is being abused it is our job to disclose this information to the designated/manager of the setting unless you think by disclosing the information will put the child/young person in further...

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Legal and Organizational Requirements on Equality, Diversity, Discrimination, Rights , Confidentiality and Sharing of Information in Relation to Managing and Developing Yourself and Your Workforce

1. 1 Legal and organizational requirements on equality, diversity, discrimination, rights , confidentiality and sharing of information in relation to managing and developing yourself and your workforce Legislation forms a framework which all care homes must adhere to; this is carried out in many guises and includes many parliamentary acts such as human rights act 1998 and the mental health act 1993, these acts are designed to protect and promote rights and responsibilities of people within a...

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Unit One- Introduction Into Communication in Health and Social Care

advice regarding confidentiality ? You should seek advice on confidentiality when ever you are asked to disclose information (whether in writing or verbally) about an identifiable individual that. Includes information about both clients and colleagues. The only time it permissible to breach confidentiality is if you receive information. That an individual is considering actions that may bring harm to themselves or others. 10 : When would you ask for advice about confidentiality ? The only time...

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so and tell the learner that I will research and tell them the answer to the question later on. As a Trainer I have a responsibility to ensure I keep proper records and that all paperwork are kept up to date and filed securely because of Data confidentiality. As a Trainer, it is my responsibility to plan assessments with learners and review their work regularly and set target deadlines. I would encourage learners to gather evidence of their NVQ over a range of methods (i.e. observation, witness testimony...

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Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice - 1

exchanged between a patient and healthcare provider, however, a whole new level of discretion is required. This paper will explore the meaning of confidentiality in the healthcare setting, define the meaning of a breach of that confidentiality, and determine when it is ethical for a healthcare provider to break a patient’s confidence. Simply put, “confidentiality is the practice of keeping harmful, shameful, or embarrassing patient information within proper bounds” (Purtilo & Doherty, 2011, p. 206)...

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Legal Aspects of Professional Psychology

discussed, and they are: analyze the legal issues relating to informed consent and refusal, evaluation of the legal issues that are associated with assessments, testing, and diagnosis in professional psychology, explain the importance of maintaining confidentiality in the therapeutic relationship, evaluate the influence of legislation on professional psychology, and finally explain the role of competence in professional psychology. Legal Issues and Informed Consent ...

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Unit 219 Nvq L3 Business and Administration

protected or read only if required so other personnel can’t make any changes. 1.3 - Explain the purpose of legal and organizational requirements for the security and confidentiality of information Any information stored in an organisation has to follow the security and confidentiality procedures. Information security and confidentiality is the process where data is kept away from unauthorised access, disclosure, destruction, use or modification. It applies to both physical and electronic data. All...

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Assignment 301 Principles of communication in an adult social care setting

with different techniques and methods of communication. Translation services may help if you do not speak the individual’s language. Task B Bi How would you explain the term confidentiality to Hannah? I would explain to Hannah that confidentiality is that Hannah’s information should be treated confidently at respectively at all times. That Hannah’s confidential information can be shared when it is needed to ensure effective care is delivered. Also, that Hannah...

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Introduction to Communication. Unit 201 Health and Social Care Level 3 Diploma

with medical conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer's or stroke sufferers. Examples of these organisations are the Alzheimer's Society and the Stroke Association. Outcome 4 – Be able to apply principles and practices relating to confidentiality at work. Confidentiality means keeping personal information safe, so that electronic and written information cannot be accessed by anyone that doesn’t need to see it. Also not sharing someone's information without their prior consent. This is covered by...

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Building the team

2 Explain why confidentiality is important in building and maintaining trust within the team. To earn a reputation of reliability you need to earn the trust of the other team members. Respecting, and keeping confidences, is paramount as team leaders need to be able to be trusted with private and confidential information. You should never share information that you have been asked to keep confidential and use your judgment when it comes to matters of implied confidentiality. You must keep...

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unit 501 questions SHC51

contact for each team involved and regular group meetings to discuss issues that may arise, also regular feedback sessions to ensure we are working together effectively. Outcome 4.1: Explain legal and ethical tensions between maintaining confidentiality and sharing information. This arises when you feel someone in your care maybe suffering from some form of abuse from either a family member or member of staff or they have told you something in strict confidence. You have a duty of care to...

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promoting communication

Unit 1 Session 2 Communication & Confidentiality Promoting Communication (SHC 31) Communication The New Oxford English Dictionary defines communication as “the imparting, conveying or exchange of ideas, knowledge, information etc – whether by speech, writing or signs.” (The New Oxford English Dictionary, 1998). Communication involves not only the sending and receiving of messages but is also a means of establishing contact, influencing others and a way to build relationships. Effective...

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CU701 - Storing and Retrieving information

 1.1 Explain the purpose of storing and retrieving required information 1.2 Describe different information systems and their main features 1.3 Explain the purpose of legal and organisational requirements for the security and confidentiality of information 1.4 Explain the purpose of confirming information to be stored and retrieved 1.5 Describe ways of checking information for accuracy 1.6 Explain the purpose of checking information for accuracy 1.7 Explain the purpose of providing information to...

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CU678 Units 1&2

addition we also need to listen to other people's needs and support them throughout and that way they will feel valued. Different people will have different standards/levels of understanding, so we need to use the appropriate language and respect confidentiality. 1.4: Describe ways in which it is possible to learn from others at work: Learning from others is very important in a work place environment. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and skills and talents. Different people follow different...

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Information Systems Security Survey

adopted various policy guidelines to ensure information security system. The Information Security Management Plan (ISMP) describes its safeguards to protect confidential information. These safeguards are meant among another reason to: Ensure the confidentiality of data Ensure the integrity of data Ensure the availability of data Protect against anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of the information UNMC has adopted information security industry best practices to implement...

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CACHE Level2 Unit5

communicate face to face e.g. phones conversations and meetings. Be friendly yet professional. Listen carefully. Mention the effect of your words and gestures. Show empathy and non-judgemental approach. Be sensitive. D5 Confidentiality is about protecting children’s and adults right to privacy. If you are good at communicating you might find that adults and children tell you things that are personal and important to them. They may expect that you will keep this information to...

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Cache Level 3 Diary Task 8.1

professionally. Making a mistake in what their role involves can result in the harm to the children or legal action being taken. P8.2When dealing with enquiries and information about children and their families, it is very important to maintain confidentiality and this can be executed by many ways. Any information should be stored correctly and safely and only shown to certain necessary adults on a need to know basis. If other adults who know the child want to know any information, it is important that...

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Nvq Level 2 Health and Social Care

on behalf of a person. Outcome 4 1. Explain the Term ‘Confidentiality’ A. Comfidentiality is a term that is used frequently in care. It is a word that is used to protect the privacy of every person within the care sector. Confidentiality allows information to be kept as sectret and allows only those authorized to gain access to said information. It is classed as a non-negotiable within the care industry. Confidentiality is a means to protection for aleady vulnerable clients. ...

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NT2580 Final Study Guide

institutions to protect customers’ private financial information? (Page 9) -Gramm-Leach Bliley Act(GLBA - Passed in 1999, 3. An AUP is part of a layered approach to security, and it supports confidentiality. What else supports confidentiality? (Page 14) Protecting Private Data - The process of ensuring data confidentiality. 4. Which of the following is a detailed written definition of how software and hardware are to be used? (Page 40) -Standard - A detailed written definition for hardware and software...

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activity’s on the table are milestones appropriate for the children’s age. The child can attempt each activity and assess for their self wether they ‘can’ do the activity ‘nearly’ do the activity or ‘not yet’ do the activity. E6, To maintain confidentiality throughout observations I have not disclosed any personal information in any of my observations, I have not named the child I was observing or any other child, the teachers in the setting or the setting itself. I have also not spoken to anybody...

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Unit 501 use and develop systems that promote communication

maintaining confidentiality and sharing information. Maintaining confidentiality within the care setting is vital in order to protect the personal and sensitive information of staff and service users. Any information must be kept in line with the 8 principles of Data protection act where information is kept secure, not kept longer than necessary, processed with the individuals consent, be relevant and not excessive, there are many tensions that can arise in regards to maintaining confidentiality and sharing...

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Principles of Care Value Base are: The promotion of anti-discriminatory practice. The promotion and support of dignity independence and safety. Respect for acknowledgment of a person's belief and an individual's identity. The maintenance of confidentiality. Protection from abuse and harm. The promotion of effective communication and relationships. The provision of personalised (Individual Care). The promotion of anti-discriminatory practice. Anti - discriminatory practice is about not...

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Identify and Explain Communication Relationships

support each other. If there is lack of communication between staff members, vital information may not be passed on, and the child’s safety could be affected. This could be what a child’s allergies are, or who will be picking the child up. Confidentiality Confidential information is information of some sensitivity, which has been shared in a relationship where the person giving the information understood it would not be shared with others. This also means the discretion in keeping secret or...

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Promote Good Practice In Handling Information In Health And Social Care Setting1

Kingdom. One of the central codes of practice in health and social care has been provided by the GSCC and it sets standards of practice and behavior for staff working in that field, including standards for handling information and maintaining confidentiality This covers eight principles under which personal data must be protected and collected. DPA says that service user information must be confidential and can only be accessed with their consent. Service users must know what records are being kept...

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Shc 51: Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication

to discuss. All service users are aware that they can knock at the office and request to speak with me at any time, this is done in my office privately to maintain confidentiality. I also go into each tenants flats once a month for a health and safety check of their flats. This time allows for effective communication as confidentiality can be maintained and they can express themselves freely. Each service user has differing needs for communication and these must be appropriately addressed or they...

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hsc 31 promote communication

and friends 4 Be able to apply principles and practices relating to confidentiality. 4.1 Explain the meaning of the term confidentiality. Confidentiality is a set of rules or a promise that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information. 4.2 Demonstrate ways to maintain confidentiality in day to day communication. When a service user is new to the service they will be explained the confidentiality policy after this has been explained to them if you need to share their...

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Assignment 301

therefore I would need to pass the information on to my Manager to ensure Hannah's wellbeing. It is Hannah’s choice who she shares information with and I would give her my assurance that the information would not be shared with her daughter. Confidentiality in general means that information will not be discussed outside of the social care setting. Bii. Describe the possible tensions that may arise between telling others of Hannah's decision and keeping this information totally confidential ...

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Effective Communication

through this. It’s important I have the contact details of extra support services are they ever needed by the people I’m supporting. Outcome 4: Be able to apply principles and practices relating to confidentiality 4.1. Explain the meaning of the term confidentiality Confidentiality is keeping information safe and limited to those who are required and have the right to access it. An organisation that provides direct support services, such as the one I work in, and keeps files on said...

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with the individual’s rights kept secure not transferred outside the European Union without adequate protection. As an adult working in a supportive role, it is extremely important to reassure children, young people and adults of the confidentiality of shared information and limits of this. When you are party to gathering information, whatever this is, you may sometimes be in a position where you need to reassure others about the fact that it is confidential. If you attend meetings or...

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Code of Ethics

code, which promotes excellence and brings unity to Christian counselors, and gives honor to Jesus Christ. This paper will address the broad similarities and differences between the two codes, as well as comparisons in the specific areas of Confidentiality, Sexual Intimacies and Discrimination. Codes of Ethics Comparison “A code of ethics is a systematic statement of ethical standards that represent the moral convictions and guide the practice behavior of a group (Clinton and Ohlschlager,...

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The Role of Information Security

policy breaches to an appropriate authority, not disabling firewall and/or anti-virus applications, protecting access accounts, privileges, and associated passwords, accepting accountability for individual user accounts, and above all, maintaining confidentiality, are all accepted ways for employees to aid in the fight to protect their company’s assets.” Security Access Levels Security access levels are a vital portion of securing an information security system and there are...

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needs and encourage the maximum development of every student. c. Respect students’ values, beliefs and cultural background and do not impose the school counselor’s personal values on students or their families. Confidentiality c. Recognize the complicated nature of confidentiality in schools and consider each case in context. Keep information confidential unless legal requirements demand that confidential information be revealed or a breach is required to prevent serious and foreseeable harm...

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information about many of the students in the school. He seems to have considerable information on their families as well. You and the secretary discuss a specific student's problems during lunch. Information about students is protected by confidentiality laws. Unless you have a legitmate education purpose within the school you should not discuss individual students. You should rely only on documented verified information about students. A student who in the ESL program (English as a Second...

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Data Protection Act 1998 and Social Care

know your companies policies for maintain records. Do they have certain ways of doing things i.e. writing in black etc. Also ensure the information is easy to read. Do not use abbreviations unless you state what they mean. Always be aware of confidentiality. Make sure each record is signed and dated. Keep each record in some kind of order i.e. Alphabetical, numeric, or use an identification code for each individual to make it easier to find the individuals records. Make sure every piece of paperwork...

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unit 054

All staff should avoid favouritism as its not fair on others. Everyone should respect diversity, equality of opportunity. Giving the child your full attention is vital, also to get to know their needs and priorities but while respecting their confidentiality, as this is personal to the child. Last of all working in a team is a key skill, to communicate to each other about the needs of the children to make sure they are looked after to the full potential. 054 ...

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Business & Administration Level 2 Unit 3

who retrieved the file and where the file is. When securely deleting information that is no longer needed we should follow specific producers of businesses and also the Data Protection Act 1998. 4. Why is confidentiality critical when managing information? Confidentiality is critical when managing information as disclosure of the confidential information from business could cause significant damage to the business. They are also legal requirements and legislation as Data Protection...

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Understand Partnership Working in Services for Children and Young People L 2

explain how to perform tasks and duties, it is a procedure specifying who in the organisation is responsible for particular tasks and activities, or how they should be carry out their duties, these should be reasonable and clearly understood. Confidentiality is one of the things that is included in child care policy, it is very vital to be kept private unless otherwise. This confidential information is private and personal; it includes: *Address *Contact number *Birth date *Emergency contact information ...

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Final Exam Study Guide

exam is comprehensive for all of the assigned course content and this study guide may not be all inclusive. Given the importance of information systems to economic and competitive advantage, understand the risk associated with securing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of electronic information systems. Understand how-in modern organizations-information is treated as a quantifiable, tangible, and competitive asset. Finally, strive to contextualize information system security...

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Developing and Maintaining Trust at Work

within the team. It is essential that information entrusted to us in confidence is kept secure. The sharing of confidential information without permission of the employee is a way of destroying a trusting relationship, sometimes beyond repair. Confidentiality is a term that indicates preserving the privacy of the persons in which you care for. This mean that all information related to them will be kept in strict confidence for use only by the team of care providers. This includes information gained...

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HIPAA Confidential Client Relationships

Confidential Client Relationships Greenville Technical College Confidential Client Relationships Client confidentiality in the field of human services is a matter of ethics, legal obligations, and a right to privacy; therefore, a human service professional must provide a helping relationship that is conducive to providing client confidentiality. In respect to the matter of confidentiality, a human service professional must understand, acknowledge, and adhere to the privacy of his or her clients;...

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Handling information

practice. Noun A set of guidelines and regulations to be followed by members of some profession, trade, occupation, organization etc.; does not normally have the force or law As a senior care worker it is very important to know the right to confidentiality is guaranteed partly by the Facts safety Act 1998, partly by the Human Rights Act 1998, and partly by principles established by judges on a case by case basis (the common law). The purpose of this code of practice The Health and Social Care Act...

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Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities

suitable support. As a professional I have the option of whether or not to break confidentiality about my client’s decision to end her life but I must seek consultation from my supervisor or a legal party. (ACA 2005) Client Rights As a professional counselor it is my duty to protect my clients rights. The four most important rights a client has the obligation to protect are: the right to privacy, the right to confidentiality, the right to not be subject to discrimination, and the right to quality care...

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