Unit 2 Lab 1 Introductory Word Lab

Topics: Basketball, Baseball, High school Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: July 8, 2015

Some of my best experiences from my school days included Michael Jackosn, a baseball game and a basketball game. Some of my worst experiences are harder to remember.

I remember my kindergarten class with all the play and sleep time. My teacher asked that we needed to bring in a toy for play time. I told my mother that I needed a new toy because I didn’t want to bring an old toy to school. My mother took me to the toy store where she bought me a Michael Jackson dancing action figure. He had the sparkling glove and a mic. I was happy to get a toy to match my Thriller vinyl record and I moonwalked all night. I was also happy to show off my toy to all my class mates the next day. The worst experience was when myjealous cousin took my action figure and broke him into pieces. My mother tried to put him back together but failed. Around the time I was in middle school, I remember watching a baseball game on TV with my father. I tried asking him to take me to play baseball but I think he thought I was asking him to take me to a baseball game. He ended up taking me to see my first Yankee game at Yankee stadium. I remember sitting in our seats when I asked him, so when are we going to play baseball? A bad experience I can remember was when I was visiting the Dominican Republic on vacation. There was a huge hurricane that ripped through the country and destroyed property and injured people. I was very terrified and eager to return to the US. When I was a freshman in high school I joined the junior varsity basketball team where I balled out of controlled and collected awards and accolades. It was definitely one of the best times of my life. After my first semester and first year of varsity basketball I had to drop out of the team and transfer to another school. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t continue to play with my friends and team mates. After transferring from one school to another I had to drop out of school again and move to Florida. It...
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