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shaven to play with us” said one of the children sarcastically. Bastian could hear the rest of the group laughing his eyes now almost tearing up, he was sick of being the laughing stock of his grade. He then slowly walked away. He then went to the basketball court, Jack was there. “Hey Bastian we’re starting a game wanna play?” “Yeah why not” Jack was one of the captains he chose Bastian first, at this point Bastian was overflowing with joy. He finally found someone that cared about him and valued...

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Basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court. The objective is to shoot a ball through a hoop in diameter and high mounted to a backboard at each end. Basketball is one of the world's most popular and widely viewed sports. A team can score a field goal by shooting the ball through the basket during regular play. A field goal scores two points for the shooting team if a player is touching or closer to the basket than the three-point line, and three points if...

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Basketball Basketball was created a simple game. The primary objective was to place a ball, without dribbling, into a peach basket. However, like Darwin's theory of man, basketball has evolved into the most exciting exhibition of athletic ability. Basketball has seen many rule changes, because of the increasing ability of the players. Basketball is a melting pot, where black, white, and European people excel. This is a sport that is color-blind. This sport...

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Introduction Basketball is a team sport, the objective being to shoot a ball through a basket horizontally positioned to score points while following a set of rules. Two teams of five players play on a marked rectangular court with a basket at each width end. A team can score a field goal by shooting the ball through the basket during regular play. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins, but additional time (overtime) may be issued when the game ends with a draw. The ball can...

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The Physics Of Basketball

 The Physics of Basketball Brittney LeBlanc Physics 122 Physics comes into play throughout our lives, in absolutely everything we do, especially in sports such as basketball. Although you do not need to be a physician to become a basketball player, if you understand the basic physics of basketball, it can be very beneficial to your game. Specifically, understanding the physics behind shooting, passing, and dribbling the basketball. A Canadian named, Dr. James Naismith, was instructed to create...

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Passion - Basketball

My Passion by: Shariar Alam Sadmun What is basketball? In technical terms as defined by Princeton, it could be defined as a game played on a court by two opposing teams of 5 players; points are scored by throwing the ball through an elevated horizontal hoop. In my own words I would describe basketball as my best friend that never backstabs or goes away from my side; it is always there by my side no matter what just like a true friend. Everyone has a passion but I think my passion is truly...

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Maddie Callahan Coach Cook BASKETBALL The American sport of basketball has come a long way since it was invented by James Naismith in 1891. Originally, the game was played with a soccer ball and peach baskets instead of a backboard and rim. There were no holes in the baskets and a ladder was used to retrieve the ball if it did stay in the basket. There were about fifty players on opposing teams and players who committed fouls were sent to a hockey-like penalty box. Today the game has...

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High School Basketball Overview: Basketball is a team sport consisting of two teams of five players each trying to score by advancing the ball up the court by dribbling or passing and then shooting a ball through a hoop elevated 10 feet above the ground. The game is played on a rectangular floor called the court, and there is a hoop at each end. The game starts at the middle of the court and is called the tip off. The referee tosses the ball in the air in between two players (one from each team)...

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 Michael Jordan, one of the greatest players to ever play the game, stated this quote. Many basketball players go through arduous practices and work outs to ultimately get acknowledged. It is more likely for people to be driven to be successful through a continuation of failures and losses. MJ does a great job motivating individuals to work hard and put forth only the best effort. Not only does this apply in basketball, but it also applies to everything in life. This sport requires much patience and teamwork...

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Ex-Basketball Player

Many people have a difficult time letting go of their past. When you can’t let go of your past, you can’t move forward into the future. In the “Ex-Basketball Player” by John Updike, Flick Webb finds himself holding onto the past and not being able to move on. Flick’s disappointment in the present causes him to try and relive the glory days of life that he had in the past. To explore Flick’s disappointment in the present, Updike utilizes setting, tone, and irony. In the first stanza, Updike...

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Basketball Skills Essay

Andrew Lorentz Prof Berkhof PE 141 Basketball Skills 10/14/09 Basketball Skills Reflective Assessment Essay Basketball Skills was a great physical education class because I got to improve my overall basketball skills and learn some exact specifics about the sport I love to play the most. I’ve been playing basketball since I was very young and will continue to throughout my life. I have quite a few strengths while playing basketball. One is that I am a skilled ball handler...

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Moving: Basketball and Gig Harbor

happened. As my mom and I drove to school there was just a blank silence with only the faint sound of our engine making noise. We pulled up to the to the school my mom told me to hang in there and have a great day. I entered the asphalt basketball court outside in front of the school. One of my friends I had told looked over at me and just glared at me until I set my backpack down and made my way over in that direction. Allen came over hugged me and picked me up telling me he didn’t want...

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Basketball: Visual Perception and Eye

Does crossed hand-eye dominance affect free throw shooting in basketball? The purpose of this experiment is to learn about crossed hand eye dominance and help increase free throw percentage in basketball. Some further investigations could include testing if crossed hand-eye dominance effected hand-eye coordination, if air pressure will affect the dynamics of ball bouncing, or if people that are left-dominant or right-dominant affect any certain thing. First, the eye dominance test was conducted,...

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Gender Representation: Love & Basketball

Media Analysis Paper: Love & Basketball The movie Love & Basketball was released in 2000, however the events in the film take place starting back in 1981 in Los Angeles, California. Monica, one of main characters, moves in next door to Quincy, the other main character. At this time, they are both 11 years old with big dreams of playing in the NBA, just like Quincy’s dad. As they both attended the same schools, their love-hate relationship lasts into high school, only their...

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Compare & Contrast Basketball Vs. Baseball

Baseball vs. Basketball Baseball and basketball are two very different sports, but the both do relate in some ways. Often times sports fans compare these two sports to determine which they enjoy best. One big comparison between them both is that they are in face both sports. These sports are also both played as teams. Most of the time, these things in common are far outweighed by the differences between the sports. Two sports that are often compared with each other, baseball and basketball, are similar...

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James Naismith and His Impact on Basketball

Jake Yerbey Thesis Statement: Let’s learn who James Naismith is, and discuss how basketball was invented, the game’s rules, and how the game affects us economically in the present. Introduction: A. Attention Getter: Have you ever wondered how the great sport of basketball was invented, and how it became the sport we have all come to enjoy today. B. Relevance Statement: Although we might not all play basketball, we all know what the game is; and I am sure you could all name at least one player:...

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How to Increase Stamina in Basketball with Physical Exercises

How to Improve Stamina in Basketball with Physical Exercises Basketball is a sport that needs high stamina, because basketball is a fast and energetic sport. Adrenaline is high in every game makes heart rate beating faster and only people who have high stamina that can hold out to play until the end of the game. Basketball players have to train hard to build the stamina in order to the body does not get tired quickly when playing basketball. Basketball players can do many training to improve stamina...

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Basketball Trivia

Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) began in what year? 1997. How many times did the Boston Celtics win the NBA championship between 1957 and 1969? A: 11. Q: How many NBA titles did Magic Johnson help the Lakers win as a player? A: Five. Q: What NBA hoopster is known as "The Worm"? A: Dennis Rodman. Q: What NBA coach got cosmic by penning the Zen book Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior? A: Phil Jackson Who invented the first basketball used in an official...

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Love and Basketball

Bruner English 110 A 17 November 9, 2011 All for the Love of the Game “All is fair in love and basketball”. In the movie “Love and Basketball”, two main social issues occurred which caused a plethora of problems for the two main characters. Discrimination and relationship issues are two highly ranked social issues in the world today. They were incorporated in the movie “Love and Basketball” to help advertise their importance. Interviews, research and personal experiences have really broadened...

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To an Athlete Dying Young and Ex-Basketball Player”

Shayla Pemberton Dr. John Allen English 202 July 19, 2014 Although “To an Athlete Dying Young” by A.E. Housman and “Ex-Basketball Player” by John Updike are both about the reflection of honorary greatness achieved in their lives as athletes, the speakers possess different views and attitudes towards their characters in each poem. In “To an Athlete Dying Young” the speaker shares a positive reflection of the characters accomplishments that takes place due to the death of that character dying...

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How to Teach Basketball

Teach Basketball If you ever played basketball you have to have your mind set to ten percent heart and ninety percent determination. I can remember growing up playing basketball with my dad because he taught me how to play. We would play all day and night. There were always rivalries in our house because we liked different teams. For example, he liked the Celtics and I liked the Miami Heat. I love to play basketball and I think that the little kids would love to learn how to play basketball. Basketball...

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History of Basketball

One of the greatest sports in the world is goes by the name of basketball. This great game was invented by James Naismith December of 1891. James Naismith was a physician from Canada and attended McGill’s University in Montreal, Canada. After working as McGill’s Athletic director he went to Springfield, Massachusetts. He introduced the game when he was an instructor at the Young Men Christian Association Training School in Springfield. He created the game because he needed to think of something the...

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The inventor of basketball

now played by more people than any game in the world (Encyclopedia, Britannica 2012). James Naismith is best known for the invention of the game we callbasketball.” While Naismith did not benefit financially from his invention, he was afforded a glimpse of the game’s potential appeal in 1936 when he attended the Berlin Olympics, where basketball was played as a medal sport for the first time (McPhee, John 2009). He created a sport that is one of my top personal priorities in my life today, without...

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Basketball vs Volleyball

Jordan Kinder Basketball vs. Volleyball Basketball and Volleyball are different and similar in many ways. This essay is going to compare and contrast these two popular sports, comparing things such as the sense of teamwork needed for both sports, and showing contrast in the aspects of them, like the number of players on each team. Basketball and Volleyball have many differences, such as how many players are on the court and how many positions are played. Basketball is played with five players...

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Speech on Basketball

5 positions in basketball By Rohim Dang Introduction Open with impact: “looking at the clock its only 6.7 seconds left and we down by 2, my point guard dribbles the ball down the court, try to look for the open man but everyone was guarded heavily so he calls a timeout with 3 secs left……” Credibility statement: I love and enjoy playing the game of basketball so I would like to share with you the information I discovered. Thesis statement: The game of basketball is a recreational sport that...

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Basketball Lesson Plan

Basketball Unit Grade 3 Shooting Lesson Equipment for 30 students * 30 basketballs 50 Minute Lesson PASS Standards Objectives Psychomotor- TSWBAT shoot the ball with eyes on the goal, feet shoulder width apart facing the goal, following through making the shot 7 out of 10 tries from the free throw line. Cognitive- TSWBAT compare and contrast two similarities and differences between left and right handed layups orally with 90% accuracy. Affective- TSWBAT participate...

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The Evolution of Basketball

The Evolution of Basketball Basketball has been played over 100 years and it is one of the most widely played sports in the world. James A. Naismith started basketball in December 1891. He tried to make a sport that would be played between football and baseball seasons. It should be indoors, due to the weather. He made the rules on December 21, 1891. Naismith declined the name Naismith ball. A player suggested the name of basketball. Naismith wanted two square crates but...

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Basketball Essay

Self-Presentation General purpose: how basketball taught me hard work and discipline Specific purpose: hard work can help achieve anything Thesis statement through basketball I learned how to work hard and discipline myself to achieve my goals in life My passion for the basketball started when I was in my second year of high school, basketball not only helped me grow but also taught me a lot of...

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12/1/14 BASKETBALL Basketball has served an important role in society. For many years basketball has been an enjoyable sport for one to play and watch. From an early age, children who participate in this team sport learn the values of teamwork, discipline, leadership, and effective communication. Basketball helps bring people from all over the world together, despite any differences. Basketball is still being remembered and watched today through its history, games, and players. Basketball was originated...

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History of Basketball

The game of basketball has evolved a great deal throughout the years. Basketball was invented on December 21, 1891. The inventor of the game was a Canadian clergyman, James Naismith (Joseph Morse, 1973). <br> <br>The game of basketball was fashioned from fragments of other games, seeking to eliminate flaws of indoor rugby, soccer and lacrosse. Naismith also borrowed aspects from the children's game "Duck-on-a-Rock," in which children tried to knock off a rock from a boulder by tossing smaller rocks...

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A Brief History of Basketball

SO about the basketball, People think that basketballs are very interesting. I beg to differ. Basketballs are not the least bit interesting at all. It's merely a round ball with stripes right? And it bounces. So what? If it bounces, it bounces! There really isn't much to it, don't you think? That was what I thought back then. Now, after a little bit of research, basketball really isn't that uninteresting afterall. Basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court...

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Motivation in basketball

a proper motivation technics is crucial for achieving the best results. In this paper I will put under consideration motivation of the individuals and its impact on the results of entire team, in context of a very specific type of organization – basketball sport club. Motivation is a real determinant of players’ involvement, which drives them to develop technical side of skills, and prompts to work at concentration, composure and faith in their own abilities. In sport, encouragement is a key to...

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Basketball vs Football

The rules of basketball, thankfully, are fairly straightforward. However, for the younger players, some rules can be easily forgotten. The three-second rule addressing how long an offensive player can be in the key before clearing out is a good example. Once you have taught the rules of the game to your team, there is a simple way to make sure that they don't forget them. Have them tell you the rules. Spend a few minutes during each practice quizzing them. Make it fun. Additionally, you can teach...

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Discourse Community Analysis: Basketball

Height of Discourse After I watched two hours of intense play and the huddle split, I observed high fives and complex handshakes of some sort. “Hampton on three. Hampton on three. ONE, TWO, THREE, HAMPTON!” They started coming my way; as an ex-basketball player, deep down I yearned for a handshake or some kind of acknowledgment, but I sat there like a fork in the road. Each member parted around me to my left and to my right, some giving head nods and some giving nothing at all. I quickly realized...

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I Love Basketball

 I Love Basketball 1 Basketball is among the world’s popular sports. Basketball refers to a sport played by two teams whose main goal is to shoot the ball through the rim placed horizontally while following a set of rules. The teams consist of five players and it is played on a marked rectangular court having two baskets on all width ends. The regulation basketball hoop comprises of a rim or basket attached to a backboard....

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The Basketball Subculture

will discuss will be my basketball team and the role I play within it. Because my team is at highly competitive level, our norms may be unlike to other teams’ especially those of less competitive teams. Each and every team has their own culture and practices, and it is through these that they identify themselves as being different from other teams along with giving them an identity and a group to belong. Discussion The team I play for is the Douglas College men’s basketball team and it would be...

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Basketball vs Baseball

Basketball and baseball are among the most popular sports in the United States. Baseball has been around the longest, but it’s definitely not the best sport to watch or play. Basketball is a much more exciting sport to watch, be a fan of, and play than baseball because players are more athletic, it’s easier to play, and more fun to follow. Basketball players are some of the most athletic people in the world. The average basketball player can run faster and jump higher than the average baseball...

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Basketball: Then vs. Now

The sport of basketball was invented 113 years ago. The first original 13 rules of basketball are much different than the rules today. Not only have the rules evolved, but also the number of players, regulation time, and mainly just the dynamics of the game altogether. After explanation, you will be able to see how many changes basketball has truly undergone to become what it is now. The original 13 rules of basketball written by James Naismith are as follows: 1. The ball may be thrown in any...

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Lithuanian Local Basketball Requires Changes

LITHUANIAN LOCAL BASKETBALL REQUIRES CHANGES Most Lithuanian people like basketball and even call this game their second religion. One group likes to play it, while other enjoys watching this entertaining game. It could seem strange, but nowadays it is very difficult to see interesting game between Lithuanian teams as there are two strong teams and lots of weaker, which can compete between each other, but not with those two teams. For most basketball fans it looks normal, but there are people...

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Rules of Basketball and Player

Basketball http://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/basics/basics.html Aim of the game The aim of the game is to score more ‘baskets’ (points) than the opposition team. Scoring baskets can vary between one, two or three points per shot. In order to score, you must shoot the ball into the opposition’s basket hoop. Rules of basketball Basketball is a team sport that involves teamwork and cooperation. There are two teams with five players on the court trying to shoot the ball into a hoop and...

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More Than Basketball

More than Basketball At first glance, basketball may seem like an easy concept to comprehend. It’s pretty basic; two teams compete against each other to shoot a ball in a goal more than one another, scoring more points, thus winning the game. Simple enough, right? Well, basketball goes a little deeper than that. It is quite a bit more than what meets the eye and can even get a little complicated at times. However, sticking to the basics is what will be done in this essay for getting in depth...

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Basketball and Basic Rules

Talha Syed October 2nd, 2014 Speech Professor Ratcliffe Basketball: The Greatest Sport Invented (Outline) General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the history, basic rules, and the development of basketball. Introduction Attention Getter: There is no “I” in team, but there is in wIn. This is a quote from the 6x NBA Champion, Michael Jordan. Thesis: The game of Basketball is a very exciting sport. You need to be able to communicate with your teammates...

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History Of Volleyball

played outside, by any number of players. The game took some of its characteristics from tennis and handball. Another indoor sport, basketball was becoming popular in the area due to the fact that it had been invented just ten mile away for Springfield Massachusetts, four years before volleyball was. Mintonette was designed to be an indoor sport, less rough than basketball, for older members of the YMCA, while still requiring the players to at least have some type of athleticism. Volleyball is a sport...

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Glory Road

The movie Glory Road is based upon the 1966 Texas Western Basketball team. A team that is best known for helping to break the color barrier in college basketball. Led by Head Coach Don Haskins, the Miners were able to overcome tremendous discrimination shown to their players as well as Coach Haskins and his family. During this time African Americans experienced an incredibly large amount of racism and discrimination not only on the basketball court, but in everyday life. Glory Road portrays this racism...

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year to 4th year. Sports Activities/Games: Dual Sports Team Sports Games Badminton Basketball Tug-of-war Table Tennis Volleyball Patintero Cheer Dance Budget and Funding: Sacred Heart College, Lucena city. (See next page) EVENTS FACILITIES EQUIPMENTS COSTING Badminton SHC Gymnasium Nets Rackets Shuttle Cock Table Tennis SHC Gymnasium Table Tennis Balls Net Racket Table Basketball SHC Covered Court Basketballs Volleyball SHC Covered Court Net Tug-of-war BED Field Rope Patintero BED Field...

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Lebron James

High School. When he was there they had a student verses teacher basketball game, and he decided to sign up. He was really tall in junior high, and he figured out that during the game he could dunk. Turns out that he was a lot better at basketball than he thought he was. He attended St. Mary High School. He was on both the basketball and the football team, and he was very good at both. In both his football and basketball careers in high school he was always one of the best players. Everyone...

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Womens Basketball Essay

Bryce Evans Glen Starkey English 145 Section 28 November 4, 2012 Height Adjustments The high flying dunks, the ballooned final scores, the ankle-breaking crossovers: men’s basketball has it all, making it one of the most highly watched and most entertaining sports in the world. Women’s basketball on the other hand, is not quite as entertaining or highly watched. This is most likely due to the difference in athleticism and size between the two. The average man is slightly taller than five feet nine...

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Symbol Project

CalucchiaChristian Scriptures, Period 2 October 16, 2014 Symbol Project My symbol is a drawing of a basketball, with an assortment of colors and images, and even some writing. My symbol is very straightforward and describes me very well. I chose a basketball because it’s my favorite sport and it’s my passion. These pictures and quotes in my symbol, show that I’m an athlete, due to the basketball, the Damian Lillard quote, and the motivational quotes. These characteristics in my symbol help...

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Conflict Narrative

Conflict Narrative All together I have been on six basketball teams in my life. One, for a park in Long Beach, California, other times for the school teams, here in Illinois. 5th, 6th, and 8th grades, plus freshmen and senior years of highschool. From junior high through highschool I started to have issues with my coaches and the minutes of playing time that were given to me, so I quit the 8th and freshman year teams. Surely enough, quitting those two years would come to haunt me throughout my...

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regular sport pick-up games. For our observation we observed a UNCG Men’s basketball game at the Greensboro coliseum and watched how the players connected with the crowd and what was going through each other’s minds at the very last moments in the game. The atmosphere was kind of tense because we had been in a winning streak and wanted the basketball team to keep winning. Therefore, our sport observation of the basketball game reveals that sport and society are intertwined by how physical activity...

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Term Paper About Basketball

Introduction Basketball is a athletic sport, usually played on an indoor court in which two competing teams of five layers each attempt to score by throwing an inflated ball so that it descends through one of two baskets suspended, at each end of the court, above their heads. The team scoring the most such throws, through field goals or foul shots, wins the game. Because of its continuous action and frequent scoring, basketball is one of the most popular spectator as well as participant sports in...

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Coach Carter

low paying coaching job because he wants to bring change into the poor neighborhood of Richmond but more importantly the student athletes on their basketball team. He wants to make each member of the team not good only in basketball but also in academics. In other words he wants to make the life of those students not only rotate on the circle of basketball but also in academics for a better future. 3. Do you think the contract is fair? What does your opinion say about your values? * Yes, as...

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Coach Carter Assignment

Coach Carter Management Assignment In the movie, Coach Carter, it is seen that the coaching style of Carter differs from most. In order to be eligible to play for the Richmond basketball team, the players must follow a strict regime outlined in a contract that they are to sign. Some of the rules are that each team member must maintain a 2.3 GPA, be seated in front of all their classes, and wear a shirt and tie. As it is obvious, most coaches do not have such set of rules. Most coaches only require...

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Why Women Love Sports

heard of a woman football player?  OK, maybe you did in high school, but there was probably only one of them and they were only trying to prove a point. The fact remains: Men control the world of sports. I am the first to admit watching a women's basketball game is nowhere near as exciting as a men's game. However, it does not mean women are second-rate fans.  Personally, I grew up in a household where football was the Sunday ritual. If I wanted to ask my dad to buy me something, I knew the best time...

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Best Boots In The World Text Response

youth – all teach us something worth knowing about consequences” Do you agree? Exorbitant basketball shoes bring the trouble. A short story, “The Best Boots in the World” was written by Brian Caswell shows us 14 years old boy who has the same name as his favourite basketball player. His mother, Alice and his father have broken up since he was 10 years old. He likes basketball and wants to buy Nike basketball shoes. The youth is a person who encourages his mad by insulting him. Mikey, Alice and the...

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The Effects of the Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act Title Ix

of women's basketball is an example of the dramatic changes that have taken place since the enactment of The Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act. In 1972, 132,229 young girls played high school basketball. In 1994-1995 the number had increased to 412,576, an increase of over three- hundred percent. Women's basketball has come of age with the gold medal victory of the American's women's basketball team at the Olympics, the increased media attention to the NCAA basketball tournament...

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Analysis of Teenage Wasteland

are drawn to the the basketball court. Basketballs are a reoccurring symbol throughout the story. The narrator states, “Spring came, and the students who hung around at Cal's drifted out to the basketball net above the garage” (Tyler 192). Spring often represents new life and youth. The narrator continues, “They'd find him there with the othersspiky and excited, jittering on his toes beneath the backboard” (Tyler 192). Donny is “jittering” and “excited” while playing basketball during the spring....

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Paying college athletes

a Tallahassee democrat suggest “its time to pay college athletes,” because college athletes should be paid what they are worth. Several newspaper articles suggest college athletes should be paid more specifically male athletes like football and basketball players since these two sports generate the most revenue unlike soccer and baseball. However, there is a problem for just paying high dividends to male athletes and although female athletes would get paid they would never accumulate as much as their...

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BUS 402 Week 3 Critical Thinking Quiz

Catherine did not go to the movies yesterday, there is not a romantic comedy playing at her local theater. The reasoning above is flawed because the evidence 6. The average height of members of the high school basketball team is six feet, three inches. Jerry is on the high school basketball team, so Jerry must be taller than six feet. The argument above is flawed because it confuses 7. It is best for artists to build a practical and safe career that will guarantee them a secure income, and then...

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Glory Road

pride, and trust the players and coaches passed all the barriers of racism and made history at the seemingly subpar school that would go down in the books forever. Don Haskins was a girls’ high school basketball coach at the time he was recruited by Texas Western College to take over the men’s basketball program. Due to a practically non-existent recruiting budget, he is unable to attract the more popular and well known white players to the school. However, refusing to give up on his winning ways...

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