Unit 2 Customer Sevcie Assesment

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Unit 2 Assessment

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Please note that this Assessment document has 13 pages and is made up of 5 Sections.

Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Section 1 – Understand the principles of customer service in an organisation

1. In relation to your current organisation (or one that you are familiar with), use the space below to provide information on the organisation’s products / services and its customers.

a) Describe the organisation’s products and / or services.

xxxxx College is a college of Further Education. We offer a range of qualifications from Entry Level through to Degrees. We also have a commercial arm that delivers QCF and non-certified bespoke training courses to businesses and organisations within Bury and surrounding areas.

We offer A Levels, GCSEs and vocational qualifications to our full time 16-19 students. Moreover, we also provide other business services (for example, printing services) on a commercial basis

b) Identify the external and/or internal customers who buy / use these products / services.

External customers:
School leavers, university undergraduates; employers; local government; national government.

All of the above have different needs from the organisation:

Students – excellent teaching and learning, well-structured qualifications, good results Employers – value for money courses that meet their needs
Govenrment – higher qualified population, quality of assessment and learning, qualifications that meet the needs of the employers/country

Internal customers
Other departments; Admissions; Exams; Marketing; Catering contractors; CPD department; ICT department

2. Provide the following information in relation to your current organisation (or one that you are familiar with):

a) Explain how customers are made aware of the organisation’s offer.

Marketing team place adverts in the local press; the website details all our offerings from full time through to bespoke training for business; prospectuses and brochures detailing our offering and what students and clients can expect from the College, the staff and the courses being delivered. Liaison activities with local schools – open days, taster sessions, master classes; charity work within the local and wider community; press releases and associated coverage in order to raise the perception of the College.

b) Explain what customer service staff can do to keep up to date with the organisation’s offer.

The College Customer Service staff (and it could be argued that is the entire staff as we all come into contact with students and visitors) can read the press releases/newspaper articles (which are displayed prominently around college sites), the weekly college bulletin (sent to all members of staff and displayed on College noticeboards. Through accessing the College website (www.burycollege.ac.uk) the staff can update themselves on new offerings/developments.

Termly staff meetings are vital in order to cascade developments, changes tocus and any new developments (for example 2013-14 will see xxxx College introduce a new suite of full-time degree courses).

Moreover, if customer service staff develop good relationships with the various curriculum areas they will learn the various differences between courses and therefore be able to direct possible students towards an offering which best suits their needs, rather than second guess them and push them towards a course that may be what the customer service team...
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