Unicorn Production Operation Management

Topics: Architect, Concrete, Hong Kong Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: May 6, 2013
UNICON CONCRETE PRODUCTS (H.K.) is a part of ITC (International Tak Cheung) Holdings Ltd. The company manufactures Precast Concrete Products: Facades, Slabs, Stairs and Partitioning Walls These are used in large, high-rise Residential, Office & Industrial complexes. Largest chunk of Unicon’s sales (app. 80%) –HKHA. Hong Kong is an important center for economic activity in Southeast Asia, an economic gateway to People’s Republic of China (PRC) and has world’s largest container port. The problem faced is of space crunch for a large population. HK has 1076 sq kms of space for accommodating 6 million people. This causes an impact on the rent and purchase of a house. Lack of Affordable Housing -Housing among the most expensive in the world. 800-1500 sq foot apartment in HK:

* HK$15-35 per sq foot per month (Rent)
* HK$5500-8000 (Purchase)
Concrete and Construction Market:
Precast concrete products were sold to General Contractors who were capable of coordinating the construction of large, expensive building projects. Typically two methods were used in the construction line. * Traditional method

* Assembling precast concrete facades and slabs
ADVANTAGES of Precast Concrete
* Less reliance on Skilled Labor
* Standardized Product
* Reduction of on-site work and less congestion
* Stable Design & Consistent/Superior Quality
* Production unaffected by traditional problems (environment etc) * Less Supervision required.
DISADVANTAGES of Precast Concrete
* Design process to be specified at the outset of the process * Dependence on Expensive equipment (eg. Tower crane)
* Hampers creativity & originality of architect
* Govt. Agency for providing Affordable Housing for local residents * Rental Blocks
* HOS (Home Ownership Scheme) Blocks
* Regulations manufacture of facades/slabs restricted only to production facilities in HK The HKHA had announced...
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