Understanding Organisations and the Role of Hr

Topics: Private sector, Starship Enterprise, Management Pages: 6 (2146 words) Published: April 21, 2013
1. Introduction
The briefing note is aimed to support a new manager to gain some understanding of the organisation in preparation for their start. Enterprise is a private sector organisation that has a current turnover of £1.1bn. Enterprise currently employ’s circa 17,000 people including direct and DSP staff. 1.1 Enterprise is the UK’s largest dedicated maintenance and front-line service provider to the public sector and utility industry. 2. Company Analysis

2.1 Enterprise offers a wide range of services to its customers. The business is split into two divisions, one of which is the Government division. The Government division offers nationwide coverage in the following work streams: Grounds Maintenance, street cleansing, refuse collection, social housing, asbestos surveys & removal, building repairs & maintenance and local roads. The Government division is involved in a joint venture with Amymouchel. The second major division is the Utilities division. The Utilities division is broken down further into sub divisions which are, defence, MOD, gas, water and power. The main role of the Utilities division as a whole is to perform maintenance tasks including fixing water leaks, repairing gas leaks, installing Utility supplies, designing and installing power substations and repairing broken connections. The Utilities -division is also involved in joint ventures with Carillion and MoDern Housing solutions. Enterprise also has a Central Support division that contains dedicated departments who provide support services to the group. The departments within the central support include Finance, I.T, Payroll, Central HR, Health & Safety, Commercial, Procurement and Marketing. (See Appendices 1.)

2.2 Due to the fact that Enterprise provides such a diversity of services the customers are both from the Public and Private sector. Enterprise has long term partnerships with Local and Central Government. An example of this would be a 28 year ‘waste partnership’ with Solihull Borough Council. Other Local Government organisations that Enterprise perceives as customers currently include London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Liverpool City Council, Wolverhampton City Council, Manchester City Council, Gloucestershire City Council and Peterborough City Council. Central Government customers include MOD Defence Estates, Highways Agency and Transport for London. Enterprise works closely with Utilities companies to provide people’s homes and business with reliable gas, power, and water and communication links daily and has major contracts and partnerships with the following customers: United Utilities, Severn Trent Water, Scottish Power e-on Energy and National Grid. As the majority of Enterprise operations are carried out within the community they have a high emphasise on Corporate Responsibility in order to engage the wider community. 2.3 Enterprise has a unique approach in terms of its purpose and goals. The main purpose of the organisation is captured within the mission statement which is; ‘’To be at the heart of our customers and communities; delivering plans to improve service and maintain essential infrastructure for present and future generations in an environment that allows our people to contribute and realise their full potential’’. Enterprise as a Private organisation has a purpose of providing a financial return to its Stakeholders as well as surviving and developing if possible. Enterprise has a set of driving principles that define the goals that work towards delivering the Enterprise vision which is; ‘’In our chosen markets of utilities and the public sector, to be the leading integrated service provider focused on front line delivery.’’ The 5 driving principles are as follows:

Health & Safety: As Enterprise work at the centre of people’s lives and neighbourhood’s Health & Safety of both employees and members of the public is paramount. This means that the policies are rigorous, thorough and proven. Community...
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