Personal Productivity Software

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Personal Productivity Software allows an individual to perform personal tasks with ease. Certain activities such as writing a memo, creating a graph and creating a presentation are made simpler with Personal Productivity Software. Many popular Personal Productivity Software tools include Open Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Internet Explorer and Quicken.


Familiarity as most professionals already use some method of Personal Productivity Software. •Customization meaning that individuals are able to choose the software that best suits their needs. •Personal Productivity Software allows individuals to collaborate with other individuals on certain projects.


As with any piece of software, the main disadvantage of Personal Productivity Software is errors.


Enterprise software is software that "solves" an enterprise problem (rather than a departmental problem. It focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization as a whole. In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, applications such as Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning have become crucial for organizations that need to maintain their competitive advantage. Enterprise Application is the process of linking these applications and others in order to realize financial and operational competitive advantages.


Real time information access among systems
Streamlines business processes and helps raise organizational efficiency. •Maintains information integrity across multiple systems


High development costs, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. •Very time consuming, and need a lot of resources.
Require a fair amount of up front design, which many managers are not able to envision or not willing to invest in.
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