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Topics: Stakeholder, Shareholder, Customer service, Customer, Stakeholder analysis / Pages: 9 (2016 words) / Published: Mar 12th, 2008
Introduction Stakeholders are individuals and constituencies that contribute, either voluntarily or involuntarily, to its wealth-creating capacity and activities, and who are therefore its potential beneficiaries and/or risk bearers1. There are several different types of stakeholders associated with a corporation, and those stakeholders can have different views and opinions on what corporation 's goals should be and how they should be running. I have interviewed three different stakeholders of Staples Inc., an employee, a customer and a stock holder, to find their relationship between them and the firm. Then, I will use this information to suggest how the firm should proceed and continue to have a better and more beneficial relationship with its stakeholders.

The Corporation Staples Inc. is the largest retail office supply chain which operates world wide with almost 2000 stores operating in over 10 countries and several more via catalog and delivery order1. Staples offers supplies, office machines, furniture, technology and other business services such as their copy center2. Aside from providing services and products to meet the needs of stakeholders such as the employees, investors and customers, of the corporation, Staples offers a program called Staples ' Soul. This program was instituted in order to meet the concerns of all the other stakeholders such as local communities, the government, private organizations, and regulatory authorities. To do so they seek environmental excellence by offering environmentally preferable products and educating stakeholders about environmental issues, they also work for the community through their alliance with the U.S. and international charitable organizations, cause marketing initiatives and finally by striving to be a model of ethical business practices and share their values with their suppliers3.

Correlations When looking through the interviews which I had with the stakeholders I found some interesting

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