Understand Why Effective Communication Is Important in the Work Place

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Unit 051
Promote Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings| Outcome 1 – Understand why effective communication is important in the work place. | The learner can:|

1. Identify the different reasons people communicate. The different reasons people communicate in a child care setting are:Parents * To keep parents up to date and have relevant info about events that are happening in school such as upcoming trips, sporting events etc. This will also help parents deal with any anxieties that a child may have about a particular aspect of an event as they will have all information to hand. This will enable parents to diffuse any anxieties that have occurred. * It is important so that staff can work in conjunction with parents to create effective strategies to help a child progress and overcome any barriers they may have socially and educationally. * To inform parents of incidents that have happened during the day or week, so that when a child who has been involved in an incident. Their parents are fully aware of it and can use the relevant strategies to deal with an emotion that the child may be feeling (angry, frustrated, upset etc). This can also work the other way that if a child has been involved in an incident or event and has done something positive then parents can praise the child. * To inform parents on how medication is working or not with a particular child (melatonin helping to sleep). And whether a child has refused there prescribed medication, particularly if they are non-residential and their behaviour at home may be affected by them not taking their medication. * To inform parents of any particular strategies that has worked within school so they may try them at home. * To inform parents of any concerns you may have and how they might deal with them.Children * Communication is needed to help a child understand activities i.e. a rugby drill, if I didn’t use clear communication and took too long in explaining what was required to do the drill then the boys taking part in the session would dis-engage and lose interest in what was going on. * Effective Communication can develop language skills and literacy skills, some boys come to a member of staff to ask how a word is spelt, pronounced or what it means. This can also link in with develop a child emotionally some boys use sexualised language, the younger age range of the school sometimes don’t understand words or sayings and ask staff about it, it is important that staff are able to explain what the particular word or saying means appropriate to their age and emotional development. * Sometimes a child may feel ‘hard done by’ and this may lead to confusion to why a particular consequence has been enforced, which in turn may lead to anger. Clear communication and understanding is important so you can explain to the child why there has been a consequence. * When completing social reports it is important to communicate. I like to complete the section I fill in and the child’s section together, this enables me to explain why I have put a certain score for a section and how we can work towards certain areas. It also enables boys to bring up anything that they may not be able to do but would like to learn (become a first aider, learn how to iron etc.) * Clear communication is needed when talking to boys about the dangers in life i.e. on social networking sites, stranger danger and road awareness. Social networking sites and online gaming are quite a big part of the boys life’s at Breckenbrough, when talking to boys about these activities clear and precise communication is needed so that the boys fully understand the dangers and what to do about them if they occur.Colleagues * Communication with colleagues is vital to the work I do at Breckenbrough. Through e-mail I can pass on information to all staff or certain staff that I may not have a lot of contact with on a day to day basis but never the less need...
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